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  1. Finally got some free time to sit down and make some progress. Engine and chassis are done, and the interior needs another coat or two of red. I have a couple coats of blue on the body, hopefully the next one will be the last and I can start doing detail work on that. Thanks!
  2. Finally finished up my last project, time to pull another out of the stash. I’m really excited about this one, it looks very detailed. It even has pre-painted window trim, including the rear defroster grid. I got most of the motor and rear suspension assembled tonight, hopefully I can get some painting done tomorrow. Thanks for looking!
  3. Finished this one up last night, been working on it on and off when I had time for about a year now. Monogram kit with Upscale Graphics decals as the originals were all yellowed. Thanks!
  4. Tamiya kit, fun to put together, looks great on the shelf! Thanks for looking!
  5. It is, I don’t trust myself with straying too far from the instruction booklet.
  6. @Matt Bacon It is Tamiya metallic blue, no clear.
  7. @Yahshu Thanks! The stripes are decals, but the back end from the trunk down was sprayed gloss black.
  8. @Snake45 it’s made by Tamiya.
  9. @Snake45, thanks! It’s Tamiya Metallic Green, love the Tamiya acrylics.
  10. Another one from earlier this year. Lots of BMF for the trim, enjoy!
  11. Finished this one earlier this year, never got around to posting pictures. Box stock, hollowed out the ends of the side pipes. Thanks for looking!
  12. First one I've finished in a while. It turned out better than I thought it would. Fujimi kit, Tamiya light blue paint. Overall a fun and easy kit, thanks for looking!
  13. I saw this car on ebay for a great price and decided to grab it. I'd never seen a kit of a newer charger before and I thought it would pair nicely with my '09 Challenger SRT8 I made a while ago. It's a great kit and went together nicely. The only part I had trouble with was the windshield; It fits the opening perfectly, but is not curved enough so I had to hold it down for an hour while the super glue cured . Also, the decals lost some of their glossiness and cracked a bit. Oh well, I think it came out looking good. Enjoy and thanks for looking!
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