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  1. Engine wired and plumbed. PPG green, Duplicolor black, Transtar clear
  2. Ill bet that scene really chapped his @$$
  3. Find some 24-26 ga. black solid core hook up wire and you are good to go
  4. How about "Clutch Cargo" ? with Swampy ,Spinner&Paddle Foot They were a live mouth super imposed on to still cartoon face, real cutting edge back then in the mid fifties.
  5. She's pretty calm, keeps to herself, likes attention but only on her terms!
  6. Ziggy, the Norwegian Forrest Cat, age ~5 years
  7. Refinished in DuPont lacquer, Transtar clear coat. Minimal wiring and plumbing.
  8. Model Car Garage has them under "Big Rig Detail Parts"
  9. Google "Plasmo metal tension wheels" Very interesting method and looks quite convincing. Its a short video.
  10. Josh, Google "hairline tubing" this stuff is used for fly tying
  11. Emery board fingernail files work great on ridged polystyrene foam
  12. Did you shrink Dave Kindig down and have him do the chevy dash? Beautiful craftsmanship on both!
  13. If the spots aren't to severe wash the part with warm soapy water, touch up the spots with a sharpened toothpick keeping the spots really small let dry for a few days if not weeks sand and buff. That method has always worked for me if the fish eyes aren't to severe.
  14. Hey Trev Sheet # 2064 part of interior detail set
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