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  1. Lets keep this on-topic. Please don't start posting random other cars in this thread. You can start new threads to discuss the other cars and paint schemes.
  2. Seems like we have all the same arguments/discussions about the "Like" button every year or so. I don't think anyone has changed their view on it yet.
  3. No, but when comments start being directed at other members instead of the kit I am going to step in and remind everyone to take a breath and watch what they post. We are many pages of comments past asking for help. We just need to keep it respectful.
  4. It's OK to trash the model/kit if you like, but DO NOT start trashing other members of this board. Don't make things personal, not everyone has the skill set or desire.
  5. I think it will be sold to an anonymous buyer after the auction is over. I think this auction may just be advertising that it is for sale.
  6. For Fotki, click Share, then click the text for Image URL for use on other sites:, wait for it to say that it has been copied. Then paste the info into your post. I believe this will pull the photo from the Fotki site every time someone views the post with the thread. That means photos will NOT show if link changes or Fotki site is down. That procedure should be similar for most photo hosting sites. Again, it is better if you directly upload your photo directly to the board. As long as the site is up, the photos will be here and visible.
  7. Just a reminder to everyone - Use this thread for small updates on projects that there are not separate WIP threads on. No need to post it here AND in the Workbench section. We are trying to cut down on the double update posts.
  8. For the record, it doesn't matter if you add to an old thread or start a new one on a topic already discussed, just like it doesn't matter if we have threads complaining about it. It all adds to the discussion. Sometimes we merge threads (usually if they were started about the same time) sometimes we allow multiple threads on previously covered subjects. There is no scientific or mathematical formula that we follow. Generally we ask, "does it hurt anyone?" (butt hurt doesn't count here) when we decide to get involved as moderators. While it would be nice to have a single thread with all the in
  9. I went back and reread the whole thing. Should have been shut down earlier.
  10. This smells a lot like politics. Steer clear or it will be shut down.
  11. I am guessing that this is a setting that is activated on the admin side as default with the new software. There is probably a views or posting threshold that automatically activates it. I am sure Dave will look into it when he gets a chance. I have seen it on a few threads and do not see an easy way to turn it off (without a lot of trial and error)
  12. Calling a kit lousy and leaving it at that is not a review.
  13. Moved to General. Will move back to WIP if we see any progress.
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