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  1. Who cares? Apparently all of you do. It amazes me the things you guys decide to argue about here. Now I know you will say you aren't arguing, but are only pointing out the futility in it all. Welp, you are arguing, you have chosen sides and if someone from the other other side says something, you feel you must also reply with something. Everyone looking to get the last word in. I think that could qualify as arguing. Some of you are impressed with all of this, some of you are jealous, some of you think you are above all these peasant dealings, some of you are mad because you can't go cherry pi
  2. Got laid of Thursday (after 22 years with the company).... Agreed to terms of new job on Tuesday... Turns out my old job was holding me back and my new deal will exceed the old one. They are even setting up a satellite office in the same area as my old one. Commute even stays the same.
  3. Please remember you are not allowed to offer to buy or sell on this site.
  4. Larry is the one that could best answer this for you.
  5. Click the subscribe button at the top of the page. All the info you are looking for should be there.
  6. I think I can speak for the other moderators here and say Dave does all the hard work that keeps this place running smoothly. We just tell you not to curse and to play nice with others and move the trucks out of the car section and....you get the picture. Thanks Dave, for all that you do here.
  7. I never realized just how big these cars are.
  8. 1. If you couldn't swim, you probably wore a life vest. 2. wore a helmet on my 3-wheeler, but a lot of folks didn't. 3. There have always been wood ores, not sure when plastic oars became readily available.
  9. This is all about the shady ad companies. Ad control is a full time job for Dave. Every time he fixes something, the ad companies change how they do things and sneak inappropriate or obscenely large ads back into their rotation. To blame the admins (Dave) is disrespectful. He has to walk a fine line of allowing ads into the site, to generate revenue, with keeping the ads under control so that they do not infringe on how folks view the site. Hopefully the magazine does well and we can start selling ad space here. That would allow us to control what is shown on the site. When using Google, or ot
  10. Mike - mine is similar in size as this one. I cracked it open right after your post and forgot to take a photo of it or even reply to your post. Sorry. I was shocked at how small it was. It has no trouble mixing 1 oz. jars from MCW. Maybe having the mixing ball in the jar helps though.
  11. Article says they made more, not sold more. Most of the ones made are exported to other countries. The article also states they sell more gas than electric in the U.S. by 3 to 1. The U.S. will be a tough market until they increase range to 1000 miles or come up with insta-charge or replaceable batteries, so long cross country trips are possible.
  12. I think a lot of the commercials are funny and clever........then they show it to me 50 times a day and it gets old really fast.
  13. That's not just any trophy, it's a thanks for participating trophy. I think Dave is looking at other available reactions to either add to or replace the default ones. The trophy doesn't really make sense, I would like to know the rationale behind it.
  14. It's a heart that when you hover over it a menu of buttons flys out. If you don't see it, please list what device and operating system you are using.
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