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  1. First off , thx for all the kind words and comments, they are much appreciated. After looking at the build , the right rear wheel looked to be protruding about 1mm too far out -- so that was really bothering me, so i did some surgery and had to cut the wheel off(they were epoxied on- I thought they were set properly), and sanded down the inside of the wheel hub and now I think it looks much better. So here are a few more pictures I took, while still on the bench --I think these pictures look better as well --so Happy Holidays to everyone and thanx for viewing!




  2. Len -- Thx for the feedback -- yea it was difficult finding front and rear tires that approximate the look of the 20" rear and 19" front Michelin's.

    The rear tires I used were from Misha at Ukrainian Scale Cars Production(USCP), these are a 20" that have the appropriate sidewall height and fit the Plazmos 'Cup' wheels(I did use a wrap of masking tape over the wheel OD to make it fit a little snugger to the ID of the tire), these tires also have the Michelin Pilot Sport logo on the sidewall.

    I could not find a front tire that had the Michelin logos, but I used tires from a set of Pegasus Irok's(#1266) --these tires have the approximate dimensions and look for the 19" front tires, and fit the Plazmos wheels.

    Hope this helps,


  3. Tom -- thx, yes this one one of the most challenging builds that I have done. Learned a lot along the way, I really tried to get the 'stance ' of the car correct -- realy difficult finding the proper size tires that had the correct sidewall height and the side fender cove trim was extremely challenging to replicate, I don't think it's perfect but it's close.

    It was great to finish this. I have a 2013 60th anniversary 427 on the bench -- you need to get into your 2004! Look forward to seeing it.


  4. Since a 1/25 scale model kit of the C7 Grand Sport does not exist --this was a major kitbash using the 2016 Revell C7 Stingray kit as the base, cut out the rear fenders and rocker panels of the Revell C7R, for the 'wide body' rear fenders. Cut out all vents, grill openings and used bits from a 1/24 Maisto C7 Z06, cup wheels from Plazmos, spoiler and ground effects from C1 models, 'black' corvette badging from Speedway decals and paint is Automotive Touchup, Arctic White and Carbon Flash Black center stripe, 'hash' fender stripes are Mecha Acrylic Gunmetal, all cleared with AT 1K Clearcoat --rubbed out and polished. You can follow the build chronology on the 'WIP' section.

    I've also included a picture of the car that was my inspiration.

    So here's some pictures(I still need to work on my photography skills) of the finished model -- appreciate any comments,







  5. Thx for the comments, Len and David -- yea the painting was challenging, used Automotive Touchup , Arctic White and Carbon Flash Black, this was wet sanded and then the AT Single stage Clear was applied, again wet sanded and polished. The paint worked pretty well, it was thinned with Mr. Color Leveling thinner and sprayed with the AB.

  6. Rear view mirror from the Maisto diecast attached to the front windshield(the R kit does not come w one); decals placed on visors and also have a decal for the rear view mirror put it cannot be seen -- the visor decals probably won't be seen either --oh well...


  7. A little more progress on the C7 GS -- body is cleared and polished, taillights and front headlights attached as well as the front wheel arch 'stone guards'. The headlight bezels were painted Tamiya 'Smoke' with flat aluminum accents for the LED strip, headlight covers were accented with a Sharpie for the 'gaskets'. The 'stone guards' were ,4x2mm strip, painted flat black and tapered to the leading edge of the wheel arch. Some pictures below:



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