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  1. As someone who has "drank the Kool-Aid" so to speak, I recently purchased a new 2011 Kia Sorento SX crossover. It is an amazing vehicle IMHO. The car you posted about is a concept of a rumored future product of Kia that is a rear wheel drive sedan based on the Hyundai Genesis Coupe platform. The info I have read regarding future Hyundai/Kia products indicate this car to be the size of a BMW 3-Series. With the 275hp turbo 4 and the upcoming 334hp DFI V6 that will be available in the 2013 Genesis Coupe, this would be a wonderful addition to their lineup.

  2. I purchased a brand new 1983 Turbo Coupe after I graduated from college in May 1983. I have the AAM body and plan to make a quasi-replica of my ride. I'll use the 1985-87 instrument panel but I can make the outside look right. Great job on yours!

  3. I think you will be happy with that. I did quite a bit of research before I built my booth and very nearly ordered that one myself.

    The Pace booths are a bit light in the fan area falling short of the recommended 100 feet per minute, leading to some general criticism, but nearly everyone that I talked to that actually had one was happy with theirs. The only complaint I remember was someone with the largest booth (Peacekeeper?) and even he was pretty happy, just wished the fan was a bit more powerful (occasionally had to briefly stop painting to let it vent).

    I've had my Pace Peacekeeper Deluxe for nearly 5 years with no issues. Never had to stop painting to let mine vent, although when I use automotive rattle cans like Duplicolor it can be a little overwhelming. I mostly use Tamiya and Testors lacquer rattle cans and I do airbrush HOK lacquers and hobby acrylics and have never had a problem with them.

    I also run mine when I mix and use two-part body filler. It keeps the fumes from invading the rest of the house. My family is quick to remind me when I forget... :o

  4. You would be better off with a Smooth On starter set. The Alumilite set at Hobby Lobby is a good value with the coupon, but the rubber is a 10:1 mix and the resin only has a 90 second window before it sets up. Too difficult for a beginner. RTV that is a 1:1 mix and a resin with a longer working time is a better choice. You will be able to make better molds and a longer working time gives you an opportunity to work out air bubbles. Start with one part open face molds and cast simple parts like valvecovers to hone your skills before moving on to more complex parts and two part molds. Follow the instructions.

  5. I like it! Restoring or restifying "Glue Bombs" is just about my favorite aspect of the hobby. I'll just re-post my last entry to the 'old' CBP board so others can see my thinking on the subject:

    "I'm in! I have to see what I can dig up that I haven't already stripped and disassembled... Now I do have a 1965 AMT Corvair annual that I got started on a while back as a replica of my first Corvair, and I took plenty of "In The Works" shots of it since I was planning on posting a restoration photo album on another website (www.Motortopia.com, a general-interest car guy site. I run a model car group on there. Feel free to look me up oin there - My screen name on Motortopia is CorvairJim too). I had to completely replace the rear 3/4 inches of the body because some dumb-@** kid cut it all to hell to install a big V-8 in it! I cut the piece I needed from a donor body to preserve the rest of the annual body, with it's "1965" plate on the front and it's one-year-only 1965-style trim. I've sourced some parts from a donor reissue kit, mostly the chrome and glass because I don't have an airbrush to redo the chrome with Alclad and I'm too lazy to polish out the glass when I have brand new parts available! The 1965-only interior is being reused with the exception of the instrument panel (the Corsa part from the model was wrong for a replica of my Monza-trim level car). I'm using wheel covers that I got in a seperate deal on eBay. I had to use a donor chassis, but I modified it to replicate the way the chassis was configured for the original 1965 release, so it doesn't look like the reissue part anymore.

    Of course, if this doesn't fit the guidelines, I can always come up with a "Plan B"... But I'll have to think about it. Whatever the case, the '65 Corvair restoration will continue, and you'll see it "Under Glass" before too long."

    If you think the '65 Corvair roject is too far along to qualify (even though I have plenty of as yet unposted "In The Works" photos of it), just let me know and I'll dig something out of the many boxes I have of models I built myself back in the 1970's. Hey, that could be a cool sub-category: Rebuilding your own personal "Glue Bomb"! :lol:

    Pretty much all I build as well. Count me in! :lol:

  6. I won an auction for four model kits and 10 days later the seller still has not shipped the kits. I contacted ebay a couple times and yesterday ebay finally got the seller to contact them. The seller just wants to give me my money back and keep the items because in the sellers own words "the items are worth 10 times what he [me] paid... I would rather take the negative feedback, return the money, and resell the items". I have twice refused a refund and since I have never asked for one he can't just send me one. So I am fighting it out with ebay. Apparently this practice is becoming more and more prevalent for sellers to do when they don't get the prices they want for an auction.

    Sorry ebay sellers that is what an auction is sometimes you make your money and sometimes you don't. It's not the buyers fault. I won the auction fair and square. SEND ME MY STUFF.

    Not sure what you bought or who the seller was, but, speaking from experience, you are fighting a losing battle. Get your refund, leave the seller negative feedback and go on. It happened to me once. It was from a seller who was selling a collection of vintage built models from his father. He didn't like the final price of the one I won and he refunded my money. Dad said that the model was worth much more than it sold for. I complained to Ebay to no avail.

    A few months later, seller sells entire lot to a third party who proceeds to sell the models on Ebay. I won the auction for the very same model from the new seller and got it for less money than I originally paid. Take your money and be patient. You will find the same models again on Ebay and if you are patient, you will most likely get them for the same or less money than before.

    Would like to know what the Seller ID is... ;)

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