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  1. We discussed casting the hood tach but they are readily available in a number of different kits like the AMT 1969 Firebird and 1972 GTO kits.
  2. I've talked briefly with Don regarding the front fascia. We will be scribing around the grille openings and correcting the front foglights. Might look into the lower grille too. Also might offer a version like the orange 1:1 with the shaker hood with a more aggressive front lip spoiler. Stay tuned....
  3. Reliable Resin has LOTS on the plate right now. Got another project working that needed the repopped parts so we took the easy way out. Zoom Zoom or Crispy, if either of you two have the time or the desire to re-engineer these parts for resin casting, have at it and send them to us. Same for the wide body car. If there is enough demand for the rear fascia, we might offer it too. I just looked at the kit part and it does not have the "GTO" relief script cast in. Any ideas for how to do that one? As for the foglights, I know how I'll go about correcting mine when I build it. I would also have some ideas for the 2006 rear taillights. The headlights desparately need reworking too. Thanks for your comments and enthusiasm for these new RR products.
  4. Be sure to check out the "Resin" section for new product announcements from Reliable Resin. Happy New Year!!!
  5. Brand new from Reliable Resin...a Ram Air Shaker hood package for the 2004-2006 GTO. Package includes the new front fascia with the inset grilles and hood with shaker scoop. Hood will be available separately. Email Don at ReliableResin@aol.com to order direct and be sure to tell him you saw it here first!
  6. Announcing the availability of the front fascia and hood for the factory sport appearance package for the 2004-2006 GTO kits from Reliable Resin. Comes with the Ram Air hood and the front fascia with the inset grilles. Hood will be available separately. Email Don at ReliableResin@aol.com to order direct. Be sure to tell Don that you saw it here first!
  7. Announcing the first available Pro Mod body of the new Concept Camaro from Reliable Resin. It will fit the Revell pro stock chassis with minor mods. Wheelbase is perfect! Hood is available separately and Reliable Resin is going to be offering other "street oriented" hood options for the popular kit. Email Don direct at ReliableResin@aol.com for ordering information and be sure to tell him you saw it here first!
  8. Two questions Ken, What kind of camara are you using? What are you using for lighting? Thanks for your answers. Those pics are very nice.
  9. Thanks for your comment Jairus. Since all I build are vintage kits or reissues from the so called "Golden Era" of modeling, I'm used to fixing all the little idiosyncracies. I wouldn't know what to do with a Tamiya kit :!:
  10. Nice work so far, Mr. Obsessive. This is the same philosophy I took when I decided to do curbside builds. Engine and chassis detail are my "weak" points and as a kitbasher, I get all tied up in fitting new drivetrains in those old metal axle chassis kits. They're all shelf models once they are built, aren't they?
  11. Rob, Check out my Fotki... http://public.fotki.com/MarcNellis/reliable_resin_pics/ or http://public.fotki.com/MarcNellis/reliable-resin-ebay-pics/ The website will be updated when Don can find the time to get with his webmaster. It's not a "self-service" website. Meanwhile, check my Fotki or Ebay for the latest releases. I'll be posting new releases here too. Lots of cool stuff coming SOON!
  12. I have the Aoshima version of this Skyline. It's curbside with provisions for the electric motor in the chassis. Still looks nice...I'll build it someday.
  13. Bob Downie or one of the other paint experts here might have a better idea, but I would use white lacquer. It should cover just fine. If you have access to Tamiya sprays, I would hit the area with some Tamiya white primer, then their gloss white.
  14. That kit looks 1,000% better without the "DONKEE" rims!!! Might have to add that one to my collection. Thanks for the inspiration.
  15. There are several people on Ebay that sell Fred Cady decals. I had purchased a number of sets this year and planned on picking up some here and there as $$$ permitted. But when I saw the news that Fred was shutting down at year's end this past weekend, I purchased 15 SETS of FC decals!!! That SC/Rambler decal is about the only one I haven't found...yet.
  16. Gregg, We call them toasters here in Oklahoma!!! BTW, here in Oklahoma the forecast Wednesday is a high of 75. Thursday AM 34 with freezing rain changing to sleet and snow by afternoon with a temp of 25!!! Welcome to the mainland.
  17. MPC did a RS Z28 for its 1973 annual. The AMT kit was an SS car. What car do you want to build...rally sport or full bumper standard front end? The rally sport car was basically the same 1970-73 with most differences in the interior. The grille on the standard front end changed in 1972-73 but blacked out for the Z28 will hardly be noticeable. Reliable Resin has the standard front end 1970 Camaro SS available along with a plain grille that you could add photo etch Z28 emblems to. You can find a AMT 1970 Z28 if you want a rally sport Z28 but you would need the rear spoiler from the Baldwin Motion kit. Reliable Resin is coming out with a repop of the MPC 1973 Camaro RS that can be converted to a Z with photoetch emblems. Both Reliable Camaros can use the AMT exMPC Blackbird Trans Am for the interior and chassis. The Camaro dash panel will also be available from Reliable in the near future. Reliable also has the correct front and rear spoilers for a 1973 Camaro. Email or PM me for more information.
  18. I like Jada diecast just fine too...for inspiration for pro touring PLASTIC model builds. The proportions on the Jada line have improved since Kris Horton took over as design chief. Check out his website...www.carsbykris.com. This guy is only 21 years old!!! GM tried to hire him before he went to work for Jada.
  19. Hey Z, I've done that with Pegasus 23" tires 8) I've yet to build anything with this combo but it is way cool!!!
  20. Go to www.resinrealm.net and click on Star Models. Hendrix Resin has a 1959 Ford Custom 300 4 door sedan, 1953 Ford Customline 2 door sedan. R&R has the '62 Falcon 2 door sedan. Not sure about the availability of the other two.
  21. Nice clean build Deke! Glad you got the decals worked out.
  22. Polished the paint tonight and gave the car a name..."Project Gold Standard". The gold is obvious and it is a standard front end Camaro. Paint is HOK Goldmine Pearl airbrushed over Plastikote grey primer and cleared with Tamiya TS-13. Polished with Micro-Mesh 4000, 6000 and Wizard's Finish Cut. Yes, it was that easy. Enjoy!!!
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