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  1. Or...I just got all 4 of my copys of issue #116.

    Page 31 has instantly become my all time favorite page in a model car magazine.

    Thank you so much!!

    Wanna know what I am talking about? Buy the issue! :(

    Way to go, Billy :!:

    Hate to burst your bubble, but page 40 is my favorite of the Aug/Sept 2006 issue. My Johan Rambler wagon is featured in the 2005 Heartland Nationals coverage. :D

    Three other builders from the Tulsa Miniature Motorworks club also have models highlighted in the coverage. Tell you what, I'll autograph your copies if you'll sign mine.

  2. Thanks guys!

    Marc, I prefer a '50s/early '60s look, so the "Little '50" will have whitewalls and steelies or full wheelcovers, most likely.

    Andy, color plan is Tamiya Lt. Pearl Green with a black shop logo script on the doors.

    Darn it...I knew you were going to say that :wink: :!: Not to worry, it will still look killer no matter what. But by chance if this one gets parked on the "to do" lot and does not get any further attention, you know where to send it. MPC Motorsports would love to get its hands on this one.

  3. The following brand new resin packages are available for purchase from Reliable Resin. To see images of all the items do a search on Ebay for seller Got_de_Mottz but you can email Don at ReliableResin@aol.com to order direct.

    *1971 GTO transkit

    *1972 GTO upgrade package

    *1976 Firebird, Formula and Trans Am transkits

    *1967-68 Camaro RS/SS transkits with flat, SS, cowl induction, L88 or XP35th hoods

    Also available are flat and SS hoods for the Revell '69 Camaros and flat hoods with "Grump Lump" scoops for '67-69 Camaros to build a "Grumpy's Toy" replica.

    Keith Marks has decals if you want to build the GTO's and offers 1976 Formula and Trans Am decals too. Keith has more Camaro decals than you can shake a stick at.

    Watch for more new and exciting products from Reliable Resin in the coming weeks. Like Gregg mentioned in another post today, " Our hobby is going to grow more in the next year than ever before." And Reliable Resin is doing its part to make sure this happens.

    Enjoy these new products and you can ask me any questions you may have.

  4. A Gen 2 cowl induction hood based on the Chevelle SS design.


    I like how the lines of the scoop mimic the character lines on the hood.


    Considering this design for a new model project and wanted something different than the ubiquitous '69 Camaro cowl induction scoop.


    Do you think this works? Let me know what you think? I knocked this one out after dinner this evening. Still need to glaze some putty and finish blending in. Enjoy!!!

  5. If last night's post wasn't enough, here are some pics of even more new goodies from Reliable Resin for the First Gen Camaros. First up is a flat hood for the AMT '67-68 Camaro:


    Don't think for a 1:25 scale minute that we forgot about Revell's awesome '69 Camaro...how about a flat hood?


    or a Rally Sport hood?


    Now to address the shortcomings of AMT's '68 Camaro with its molded in headlights, introducing a new grille with separate CLEAR lenses. The lenses are red in the pics to show the detail.


    We're doing the same conversion on the '67 grille too. I'll post pics of it later.


    Stay tuned for more goodies from Reliable Resin. Email Don at ReliableResin@aol.com to order and tell him you saw them here first.

  6. I am happy to introduce some new resin goodies from Reliable Resin for the AMT '68 Camaro. First pic is the RS/SS conversion package which includes RS/SS grille, RS hood, SS gas cap, front spoiler, and clear red taillights. Add some BMF to the taillight bezel and you're good to go.


    Same package with XP35th hood.


    Three other resin hoods will be available.

    Stock cowl induction:


    Slightly tweaked L88 hood:


    The third hood will be a flat hood last available in the '67 Z28 version of this kit. All the above mentioned parts are in RTV as I type. Email Don at ReliableResin@aol.com to order and tell Don you saw it here on the Model Cars Mag forum.

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