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  1. The best I have found is Poly Scale's Easy Lift Off

    It takes off everything, but is very harsh on plastic if you let it sit for more than a couple of days

    I would recommend checking body or parts every day, twice a day would be better, to see if softening plastic.

    I had an Aston Martin DB4 I painted with lacquar, then two-stage Dupont Chroma Clear (which is the hardest paint to remove ever) and the ELO worked, but it took a while.

    I soaked the body for a day, scrubbed it with hard brush, place back in container.

    ELO is expensive, but it works when no other will

    Rubbing Alcohol 90% or higher works really good also.

    Polly Scale Easy Lift Off is my favorite paint stripper. Try putting some in a spray bottle. Just spritz it on the offending model and let it do its thing.

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