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  1. Bill, I compared it to the Olds four door roof and the shape and size are the same. I couldn't find my '59 Le Sabre two door to do the comparison between them, but I am quite positive Tom used the same roof section. All one needs to do is craft in the 2 dr door tops and quarter window frames with some evergreen and You are done. The hardest part is crafting the roof section to the body and doing all the bodywork. Just trim carefully and it will turn out great.
  2. Chuck, I've got one of the Modelhaus roof sections somewhere, but the ones I bought from Tom were repops of the Johan '60 Caddy fleetwood roof sections. Turns out I remember them beeing two door roof sections, but these are four door roofs I dug out from my stash. Here is a link to a couple of more pics: http://public.fotki.com/Letukkamies/model-car-parts/
  3. Bill, contact Tom Coolidge - he has/had just what You need! I bought several roof sections from him a couple of years ago.
  4. Just got some goodies from Norm and I couldn't be happier. Excellent quality and these require almost no cleanup. Got some unbelievable wire wheels and rat rod tires and his artllery wheels to go on his Deuce cabriolet. I also got some single bar hubcaps for the soon to be released '48 Coupe from Revell. His items are the best and it's always a pleasure to deal with him! Met him about ten years ago at NNL East and have been friends ever since, but I've been a loyal customer for close to 15 years by now.
  5. You're off to a good start! Found this while searching for items from the Modelhaus: check out the grille at the bottom of this pic! This might come handy at some point.
  6. Here are your instructions. And a link to some pics: http://images116.fotki.com/v108/photos/8/269898/9541429/IMG_9466-vi.jpg starting with pic # 171.
  7. Tom, are You building the Take-out-T? Looks promising! I've been drooling over it since Grand National Roadster Show.
  8. Excellent work William! Those changes You made sure add a lot of realism to the model. As a '60 Impala owner I've spent countless hours under one of these. If You need any assistance let me know. One item You missed on this though is You forgot to paint the part of the frame where the rear control arm attaches to the frame. There's a dimple in Revell's chassis plate between the rear frame horns(?) just ahead of the rear axle, where the rear control arm is supposed to be glued to. There a drop dead gorgeous '60 Bel Air on ebay right now, if You should need any detailing tips. Here's the lin
  9. Guys, 90Euros equals around $123 today here in Finland. I don't know how You've come up with the 180? I still think it is worth every dime!
  10. Looks like You guys are a tough crowd to please. Juha did the original master for the All American Models '70 Chrysler 300 out of a '70 Impala. He designed it in a way, that it could later be turned into the Hurst version as well. Only very few of those AAM kits were ever made. Some years later it was copied by R&R. Sure he made some changes, but it is quite obvious it was cast from the AAM kit. The parts count is not the same as it was with the AAM kit, and some parts were completely redone, who knows why - as they aren't correct for the '70 Chrysler 300. Right now I can't remember how ma
  11. WOW !!! Got mine about a week ago and I couldn't be happier!! Well maybe, if I had gotten two. The body looks and feels like plastic, and the only air bubbles I see are in the headliner. Not a biggie for me as those won't be visible, should I ever get to finish this. The kit comes with two tiny clear back up lights and two clear parking lights(?) for the grille, vacuformed front and rear windows and vacuformed back up light and parking lights(these might be dropped from the kit as he includes separate clear parts), separate bucket seats and a separate rear seat, separate door panels and the
  12. You can contact Norm by calling 410-768-3648 or by e-mail @ replmincomd@aol.com. The best Stromberg carbs You get from the Model Car Garage @ www.modelcargarage.com !
  13. Charlie, the Mirada comes with these wheels: Juha showed me how easily the interior just drops onto the AMT '71 Duster platform, as if it was meant to be that way. The chassis plate will need to be lenghtened about 5mm in the back and about 1mm will need to be added to the front suspencion parts to relocate the wheels to the center of the wheelwells. You also need to modify the torsion bars like Jeff told. The engine and trans could come from the same kit along with the tires.
  14. Tom Coolidge has this little gem. http://images25.fotki.com/v901/photos/4/44285/5132687/DSCN7527-vi.jpg Excellent castings!!! Its not a Fairlane, but it's nice.
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