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  1. Hey Paul, I had the exact same problem with Slixx decals for a Hawaiian funny car - you reckon it's because they're so thin? ...anyways you did a masterful job repairing the decal problem
  2. Hey Steve - headers do come with the kit, but not those. - What you see are from a Miss Deal funny car kit.
  3. Hey Lance - thank you man - I've got 4 more cars to do for my tribute to those early drag racers --- Stay tuned...........
  4. Thank you Snake! ...may I call you Snake? Ha!
  5. Thank you fellas - I've got a second identical kit of this car I'm gonna be doin' up with good paint and Slixx decals to go with the kit decals ...and I'm gonna dig all the way through my parts boxes and find some more goodies for this one too.
  6. I dig your humor, Rob! The Gashopper is badass..
  7. Thank you, brothers! When I dug thru my parts box for headers and saw those, I knew I had to make them fit no matter what!
  8. I hear ya Travis - good point....matter of fact I can re-work this one I think. Thank you sir!
  9. This was my first time to try hand-painting letters and artwork directly on the body of a model car, which turns out, is a whole lot harder than drawing on a piece of paper laying flat on the table, but it was a fun experiment! I’m gonna be trying more of this on more projects soon! This is my tribute to those crazy fellas from the 50’s and 60’s who lived to drag race with whatever they could get their hands on….probably built in their Dad’s garage…the big blown souped-up motor was the most important thing. Winning on Saturday night was all they could think about all week long. And maybe safet
  10. Hey Mike - the paint looks better in real life than the picture - I have a real problem photographing RED!
  11. Thank you Edgar! - I also have strong interest in American muscle as well - check out the 66 Nova SS I just posted...and I've got a batch of Mustangs "in the oven" as we speak.
  12. Hey Nie - I'm presently working on a Honda NSX JGTC car - and a couple of Mustangs after that...
  13. Thank you Bruce! Lot of fun these Le Mans cars are...
  14. Thank you Mike - this is AMT kit # AMT772M/03
  15. Yeah 62 Rebel - Except for the air cleaner, I found all the big block stuff from my gigantic parts box.....this is why I have it - it always comes in handy!
  16. This is the excellent AMT kit of the 66 Nova that can be built up one of three ways.... as Grumpy's Toy drag car, or a street custom, or just factory stock. I chose the street custom route and modified the engine slightly by using a P/E air cleaner from Parts by Parks. I also wired it up and added fuel and electrical lines. The paint is rattle-can Tamiya Metallic Red over a base coat of Silver Leaf. The interior is Tamiya Semi-Gloss Black, the carpet is flocking from Detail Master. The fantastic tires are pad printed tires from the AMT 68 Camaro kit (which came w/ 2 sets of tires!). I'd love t
  17. On the advice of fellow member Gergo, I removed the seatbelt decal I had originally used, and made my own out of painted masking tape. I added manufacturer decals from Slixx, and P/E harness hardware from Detail Master. I think it looks a bit more realistic, thanks to Gergo for the suggestion!
  18. Hey thanks a bunch Marcelo!
  19. Thanks everyone - I intend to post a picture of a better-detailed harness as soon as it's complete.
  20. OK you've showed us pictures of the real car......now where are the pictures of the model? HA! just kidding -- Outstanding work! I salute you sir.
  21. SuWeeet! I'm really digging your photo layout. Cruisin' up to the food joint...YEAH!
  22. Super clean and super cool, Steve! those Johan kits were fantastic I agree..
  23. Thank you Ed - I just bought a Nikon with a zoom lens off of a friend who says he really never used the camera too much. He gave me a great deal, and I promised to put it to good use. It's proving to be perfect for crystal clear close detail shots -- now I just need to learn how to adjust my lighting a bit...
  24. Hey Jan, I agree - it's not my favorite Mustang either, but you made a beauty of a build with that kit! Whether we care for the styling or not, that Fox body (plus the 5 litre powerplant) is what put Mustang back on the radar after several years of cars we'd rather forget. Also, without this car leading the way, we might not have the stunning new Mustangs burning up the streets today.
  25. Hoorah Felipe! I am a new member also - this is a fantastic forum! ...you're gonna have a blast here. That Corvette is a stunning build. All of your cars look like clean, careful work. SALUTE!
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