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  1. Thanks guys. I'm really pleased with it
  2. Thanks guys I'm very pleased how it turned out
  3. Just finished up my AWB Beetle. Painted in pearl white base with metallic red on the wings with racing blue and clear red over light gunmetal grey on the roof and hood. Its an old Union kit so the chassis is not the best. I've added some ladder bars from my spares box and made a new pitman arm and linkage rod as the kit one is horrible. Thanks for looking Lee
  4. Thanks guys. Much appreciated
  5. Here is my latest WIP. Its a Union Beetle that I built a number of years ago bt made a real fubar of the body. I have added a few parts to the old chassis and engine such as a front mounted fuel pump and a distributor from my spares box and a scoop from the Revell 29 roadster. I also moved the rear axle back so the wheels fit in the arches better. This meant making a new longer prop shaft. I have also added some long ladder bars again from my spares. I made a new pitman arm and steering rod as the kit one looked like a giant hockey stick!. The body is new but this time I decided to remove the
  6. Yep same here it's not perfect fit but it closes so I'm not going to mess with it
  7. To be honest I've no idea! A member of my model club gave me compressor and a Pasche airbrush. All I did was set the pressure fairly low and set the brush so the minimum amount of paint came through. Once I started painting I actually painted the masking first and then moved slowly across to where I wanted to paint to try and control the amount of paint went on the area I wanted to paint
  8. Thanks Dan. I've only used rattle cans until now but I must admit I'm a convert now
  9. Limeyglue

    Taco Time

    Love it. Nice clean build
  10. Thanks for the great comments guys. Much appreciated
  11. I just started with a light coat and then built the coats until I was happy with the coverage
  12. Yep plenty of it!
  13. The body mods are brilliant they flow really well. Can't wait to see it in paint
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