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  1. I may need to steal that 48 fender trick!
  2. VERY nice! I really love this build. You nailed it
  3. cool project!! Your modifications are looking great. Another way to lower the front is to make relief cuts in the top and bottom of the rails and "sweep" the front of the frame in a gradual way to achieve the same result. Also, the Revell 32 frame sits much lower in the front when compared side by side to the Revell 29 frames.
  4. The model Master Aluminum metalizer paints are pretty good. Maybe try achieving the finish before stripping the chrome first, maybe try a dull clear coat. Then strip the chrome if that doesn't work. I'm sure there are lots of options, but I don't have an airbrush so, I'm by no means an authority on scale finishes.
  5. Tough little roadster! lookin' good
  6. I wouldn't want to leave the line without a panhard bar under me!
  7. I made a panhard bar by using one of the rear trailing arms from the 57 Ford gasser kit and "welded" it to the front of the rear end. The other end will be attached to the frame in final assembly. I also cut the axles to accept the ladder bars and mocked them up. They will be shortened and mounted to the same bracket the front bones are mounted to, so I'll need to figure out the front end placement before finalizing the ladder bars. The radiator from the AMT Willys gasser was a great fit in the 32 grill shell. I just needed to sand the front to a desired thickness to make it appear recessed in
  8. Thanks Tim, yes, I have seen 30 and 31 coupes built in the same style. I think they were pretty common until the Willys and Anglias came on to the scene. I'm sure your build will be outstanding! (provided the 30 coupe ever gets back into production)
  9. Thanks! This will not be a replica, but I'm using the Luzader coupe as heavy inspiration. Mine will be a different color with the Y block instead of an injected SBC
  10. This project has been floating around in my head for a while, so I thought I would give it a shot. The inspiration comes from the Harry Luzader 32 coupe that competed in the gas class in the 60s. This will be my first time building a 32 with fenders! Mine will not be a replica but a similar build based on the mid 60s design aesthetic and tech. My goal with this one is to not get in the weeds regarding detail and focus on the fit and finish, keeping the scratch built items to a minimum. I have collected parts and here is whit I have so far: Body: Revell 32 5 window coupe Engine
  11. The car Banjo drove was a 39. I used a 37 hood.
  12. Finished this one up this weekend. The original inspiration came from Mike Santiago's single seat speedster that ran on the beach at TROG a couple years ago. My research took me back to the early 30s and the birth of open wheel sprint cars. Most of the kit parts in this build came from the Revell 31 Woody. I narrowed and shortened a T model frame, kicked the rear, used a model A rear crossmember and a perch style front sprint mount. Split bones front and rear. I made my own front spindles, and relocated the steering arms. The only brakes are rear mechanical brakes operated by a hand lever. Th
  13. I'm looking for the small number decals for the snowmobile in the Revell Jeep Honcho kit. Thanks, Travis
  14. Really like this build. Any more pics of it?
  15. Very nice! I especially like the front end set up. Which kit is that dropped front axle from?
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