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  1. I finished this up last year or so. It was in my closet since around '96. I used a PE parts on it from MCG and I had some nice PE heatshield and alum tubing for the exhaust system. I didn't like glueing the two halve of the fuel tanks and air filters together and having that ugly seem. So I stripped the chrome, puttied and painted them body color.
  2. Hello. I just signed up. I was a regular at escale after Brian's Model Cars shut down. I was Zombywoof at escale. Now I'm just Mike C.
  3. Well, I belong to a couple of other forums so I decided to join this one too. And I lost a good forum that just shut down too, escale if any of you ever used it. I build Mopar muscle cars, foreign exotics, and 1/12 bikes. So I'll be posting them up here. I belong to ACME in GA that puts on the very successful Southern Nationals in Nov.
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