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  1. We're just over the half way point and there is some great progress going on here, Racers! The Excellent fab work and color choices are embracing the "Hiding in plain sight" theme very well Model On, Cats!
  2. Awesome comments, Good discussion for the nostalgic Amt 57 Chevy kit... The kit is very practical although it needs "extra" attention in some areas still a classic kit.. I have even more respect for the pioneers after building these old kits from the early days... thanks to these modern companies we still get to enjoy those original kits... I had a blast building my most resent example...
  3. Some Cool progress happening... Pat, I can see those purple mood lights hanging up in the paint 😆 that looks good...
  4. Alright then I'll ad you to the roster at the next update...
  5. I'm feeling it too but we still have enough time to get re-interested in the challenge... I'll probably come guns-a-blazing at the end. I've just have too much life happening right now. I am interested in building that 64 Olds convertible though... 😆 I'm in the market for a shop truck and I've been looking for one to buy, this body style is pretty popular on Marketplace... minus all the hard work you have in your build, 😁 it's looking great! I'd like to see a 2007 and up Silverado bodystyle get kitted. I like that bodystyle too.
  6. Nice details... and the clear coat has a nice shine on that silver.
  7. This is really an outstanding build Pete! Cannonball theme aside, you pinpointed what subject you wanted to build (much like the 007 Lotus) and replicated it to perfection! Great job! And in case anyone had forgotten, here is the subject for comparison. It's just about a mirror image so I reversed the replica to perfect the illusion... Definitely an inspiration for all of us getting to the half way point...
  8. Those two are really well done. I think I'm gonna have to watch all the movies again now.😁
  9. I must admit it's been awhile since I checked in guys, and I do appoigise fo that. I've seriously had a transition in life since my model stuff has been packed up. I have got back into running/jogging on a daily basis. That alone is a stress reliever. I've also started going back to the gym. I need to focus on my physical health for awhile. Soon I will get unpacked and set up again. You are clear for take off sir... 😁 I was really surprised to see all the activity on the thread, real good progress and some set backs but keep marching on we'll get there soon. Thanks again for the
  10. 😆🤣😂 Hilarious! ACME is Augusta County Model Enthusiasts and we are a club that consists of about 11 guys (give or take) we're mostly old school modelers we pick a monthly theme to get us off the couch and building. February's theme was Pre-World War II anything before 1940. They probably think they could start a war though 😆🤣😂
  11. Whatever it is Tom, I don't believe a bunch of knuckleheads sitting around a model car table can solve world problems (although come to think of it,) maybe we can if we just stick to the models. 🤣 Those dudes sit around writing speeches in their heads and when the monthly meeting comes along they use it as a format to get it all out 😆 I say "fellows, It's going in one ear and out the other" 😆...that's why I love this fourm. We mainly focus on what mattered to me as a kid growing up... It wasn't war, it wasn't government, it wasn't celebrities, or anything less than a model kit (AKA my lat
  12. We're back to in person club meetings and the theme was Pre- war era (1940) or before. Nice to talk to those cats even though the conversations steered into the oncoming path of what's wrong in the world. I didn't stick around for that for very long. I just wanna get back to building models. 😁😏🥴 Anywho, here are the results.
  13. "Breaker One! Breaker One!" 😄 I can't wait to see this finished... Watching it come together makes me want to binge watch the DOH!
  14. Amazing work with this. The level of dedication on the wrecker bed is especially Awesome! I went back and refreshed my memory on the Ace Parker "Lee 1" build too. Steller build, I could totally see the wrecker pulling that car or better yet, build the trailer and have the General Lee pulling it. Looking forward to the updates on Cooters truck...👍
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