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  1. Great progress! I'm wanting to build this kit similar to yours. Now I'll know what parts to use when that time comes, thanks for the fine details. That engine looks like it belongs from the wagon kit. Fits great and It seems like a simple solution to an already simple kit. I've seen some progress posts elsewhere and it seem like some folks are overthinking the swap. I'll be watching for it to advance.
  2. Thanks, I used two stage Modelmaster's Pearl Yellow over Modelmaster's Dark Yellow base. It has some heavy flakes in the pearl and really looks scale for a model. I don't think it's in production anymore. It's from my old stock I've had for years. I'll be sad when it's gone... I painted this 57 with it too.
  3. I need a push to keep moving on this project so it doesn't stall out like so many of my started kits have. So thanks for the motivation to keep me going on this... Back for a small victory update. I got some Pearl Yellow on the old girl... I managed to keep the doors and trunk in tack, (as the amount of glue used on the hinge boxes was to much to worry with.) I had to paint it two separate times first the door jambs and under the trunk, then the outter body. I'm pleased with the outcome thus far... Next up... designing decals, foil work, interior, scratch build a straight axle etc...etc.
  4. Each of these builds are as fantastic as the one before. The level of dedication and commitment you put forth far exceeds anything I've ever seen before. I have followed along with your workbench threads in pure Amazement as your skills are put to the test. You make it look easy and continue to inspire us with each build. Just when I think you can't possibly "One up" yourself you prove me wrong every time! 😁 I can't wait to see what you have in store for us next... "Sheriff, there's just one thing I wanna say. You must be part coon dog, 'cause I've been chased by the best of them, and son
  5. I've decided to start a thread on this build. I picked it up last month at the local model clubmeet. It hadn't seen the light of day in over 40 years. I know some folks will cringe that I dismantled such a cool surviving kit. If I can relieve some anxiety for you all, I am a professional build-up restoration specialist 😁😁😁... self proclaimed but still none the less 😆🤣😂 Here is where I'm at with the process Stripped all the paint and taking my time carefully disassembling the project. Spoiler alert... it's gonna be a Gasser!
  6. That's interesting, these had a white wall sticker? Not a decal... the tires cleaned up and I can re-use them They're nice too. Maybe I'll paint them black to protect the wheels. I believe this kit is from 62-63 it has these pin style axles in front simular to that of the modern Revell kits. Really interesting features...
  7. I think so.. if you could find enough guys that have passion to Rescue rather than Restore or in my case make it my own. Like I said before I really think a Good Rescue is hard to find. Thanks, It's gonna be a project. He used a fair amount of glue and so far it's coming apart good enough but I'm taking my time...
  8. Yeah, when you can get em that cheap you best do it 😆 I'm fascinated by original built kits and I'm always looking for the best ones built up that only need very little to be perfect. It's hard to find well preserved built kits though, usually because most of them from those days were built by kids, if you stop and think about it, some of them are pretty well done for a kid I think... they definitely tell a story. Wouldn't it be cool to start a community group build where we swap our acquired build ups? not your own but something that you're picked up along the way...
  9. Wow! Very convincing weathering! Uh-Oh Better call Maaco!
  10. Wow! that is really cool! I've seen the turquoise, always said if I found an original I wouldn't paint it, just polish the plastic or maybe clearcoat it. This one is red I'm pretty sure. I have an original 55 nomad, A 33 and 36 Ford and some other kits built up but the majority of the kits were in the box original unbuilt. I paid $110 for 23 kits, I thought that was fair. This 55 is complete except for the front valance and he removed the trim from the quarters too.
  11. Here is a 55 that I snagged from the collection an Original Pre-BADMAN Monogram 55 Chevy custom. It's Kinda cool and really dives into how car culture was in the early days of Kustom cars. I'm not sure what I will do with this one yet, maybe restore it to exactly how he originally built it?
  12. Yeah, I have that kit and I agree with you but this old Revell kit works great and IMO the 56 was the best one of the opening door kits that Revell ever made. It really works well and I believe I can get it to come out pretty nice. I want an opening door/ trunk Gasser in show quality without having to do massive work, this really fits the criteria for me. Sorry if I offend the preservationists. I have a bunch more original build ups if that makes you feel better.
  13. Thanks guys. I sure hope I don't break any hearts 💔💔💔 with this rebuild. I'm not into erasing history but I'm not into displaying old build ups either. So the best thing for me to do, if I own it is to make it mine. I promise it will be fabulous!
  14. See kids, this is what happens when plastic and rubber meet up and stay together for 40 years... Tires survived, wheels are melted...😁😁😁 Also, here is a sneak peek of what color she will live on as...
  15. Hey Folks.. I'm getting my feet wet after a Hiatus... I haven't worked on too much lately. I still have been attending the local clubmeets though... last month it turned into a swapmeet when a fellow club member brought a bunch from a collection he acquired. I ended up bringing home 23 kits that hadn't seen daylight since the 70's! This Original Revell 56 Chevy was built up and I thought a good cleaning and replacing the melted wheels and tires would do the trick. I'm not satisfied to conclusion so I'm going to rebuild this and make it show quality, Gasser style... To me It's like w
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