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  1. Thanks Dale, I'm a renderer (solid plasterer) by trade and used to be around new buildings a fair bit. I've since moved on from the trade. I'm hoping to have some more done this weekend. I've also started a new r34 build, trying to get the juices flowing again. I have been very stagnant of late.
  2. Thanks David, my only advise to you so far is just do it. Sorry I haven't done any updates, we have just moved house and I am trying to get everything sorted. Updates will be coming soon, I promise.
  3. Nice weathering, as Richard said "looks like the 1:1". Digging it.
  4. Thanks mate, I know there are types of them and either would do. I know there is a hilux I can get, but the ol' 2.8d isn't really up to towing a trailer.
  5. I'm hearing ya, I'm trying to find a Tamiya 80 series cruiser without having to pay a small fortune in shipping. Thanks Cliff.
  6. Thanks Mark, not best build. I do like the lines of the 240, so why not build one. Thanks Shaun. I do like the imports, it's a shame they don't do to many local cars at the same price as the American and Japanese cars. Thanks, it was my first time painting a body with the air brush. I learnt a lot on this build.
  7. I am amazed at your talent, I was thinking a candy apple green with some trumpets out of the cut out in the hood??? Maybe something like this??? http://www.newsonair.org/images/inspiring-candy-apple-green-car-paint-3-candy-apple-green-paint-job-500-x-333.jpg
  8. Great looking dio Pat. I will be stealing a few of the ideas from you for mine, although I don't think they will turn out as good as yours did.
  9. Thanks Richard. In one of the pictures it shows an opening on the side, I plan to leave that part of the wall open to be able to take photo's from an inside perspective. Looking at it again, I may even add some more studs to make the opening a little bit smaller and the roof won't be complete so I can get that high shot.
  10. Hi Tom, I am planning to detail/weather the inside before I do final fitting. I had planed to make the roof fixed with a cutout in the roof for camera access, but a removable roof would be handy to add further details and placement of vehicles. Thanks for advice.
  11. Thanks for the tip Sam, that just adds to the confusion for the exterior. I was thinking of using balsa to clad it (chamfer board) and tin for the roof. I have way more to worry about for the interior before I start planning the exterior.
  12. I say don't wait, Jump in and start building. It is amazing to watch it come to life.
  13. Thanks Mark, I hope to have some more updates in the coming days.
  14. Thanks Sam, unforunfortunately no snow where I am. I wish we hadsnownthay was clsercloser to us, 16hr drive is abit far for a weekend away. I'm undecided on what the out side will be. I was thinking either a plastruct or evergreen product, but then what would be the fun in that?
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