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  1. In Sweden it is not even a gamble anymore I know they will add 25% + a ~$9 handling fee. Many times I've been tempted to order from Japan but in the end it is not worth it.
  2. Very tempted to get this one especially for the price on that website. But I expect the price tag in Europe will be scary.
  3. The waiting is over! https://www.italeri.com/en/product/2966
  4. Looks very nice. The more I see it the more I want it.
  5. I am in no rush to get the kit I can wait if they get the windscreen/roof fixed.
  6. Thanks then I will put both kits on my to-buy list.
  7. I wonder what the status is for the Coupe? Did it ever make it onto Revell's website? The roadster is there now: https://www.revell.de/en/products/modelmaking/cars/young-oldtimer/jaguar-e-type-roadster.html
  8. Is it possible to attach the newly reissued Auto Transport Trailer to this one?
  9. Have to credit Revell USA for great looking boxes. I want the Bronco and '30 Ford.
  10. Mine is stuck in customs and have been for about 2 weeks I wonder if I will ever get it. On top of that I expect a nice fee. Sounds great though that it is an excellent kit.
  11. Thanks I will look it up. Your build looks great.
  12. Think I will buy the Mustang only for the nice box art.
  13. Will buy one for sure, I like the look of this one better than the AMT Haulaway.
  14. Although I don't have much interest in 1:32 scale I would like to watch an unboxing of these kits.
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