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  1. Dan love the Bumblebee look you did a great job on that Cruiseliner
  2. Bob. Thanks for the complement. Yes that Green is my favorite. I had the motivation to build this I just didn’t want to because it was so rare
  3. Here’s a update. I cut the wheels where the axles go so they would snuggle underneath the body. I also got some paint on it the green is Testors Emerald green metallic lacquer. I took a pic of it with the bench light off because it doesn’t give it justice.
  4. Thanks for the information. I let that teevee get away from me when it was at a reasonable price. I hope AMT has these molds stored somewhere and repops it. My decal sheet reads it was a 5/1970 year I don’t know when it was released or when they quit producing it.
  5. Steve. Thanks I couldn’t stand it anymore not to build this. Yes it would be really nice if they would I like the box art on this too. Vince. I think your right we just need the Glass Packs for it and the engine looks complete
  6. For many years I tried to buy this from my Brother Bill. Finally several years ago he gave in and sold it to me. I often thought about building it many times but decide to keep in the collection. Well today I decided to build it. I’ll be building the tow’dster version
  7. Thanks JT for the complement. I’m kind stumped on the back wheels at the moment I’ll probably go with Freightliner ones.
  8. Fantastic build and stop on very convincing look. I’ve always wanted to build this rig.
  9. Very well done and a great idea! I’m with the crowd that dash is nice
  10. Thanks for the complement Tom. I hope to have some more updates tonight
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