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  1. Thanks man, it's been a while (working a lot on my 1:1, '95 Miata) but the chipping is basically just carefully applying Tamiya Aluminum with a fine brush to the edges. I'll tone down larger chips with a thin wash of Tamiya Metallic Grey to make them look like the bare aluminum has oxidized and dulled. The trick is to not overdo it and to respect the material you're representing, hence the rust on the (steel) chassis and the chipping on the aluminum body.
  2. There are plenty of Ford 302 and SBC swaps out there. It's pretty easy to do, and there are plug and play kits. Inspect that sub £2k MX5 carefully. I looked at a few in the $2000-$2500 price range and they were pretty crusty. From what I understand the tendency for these little cars to rust is no joke and it is not cheap or easy to fix if it needs to be done. If you shop for one pay special attention to the rear quarters and wheelwells. They seem to go wrong there first. 1.6 and 1.8 engines aren't all that different as far as weight goes, and there's a nice little 17hp bump from the 1
  3. I'm 5'11" and it fits me like a tailored suit. If you're more than 6 '1" or so it's a tight fit. The 6'3" 300lb engineering director of my hotel tried to get into the driver's seat and couldn't quite manage it. At 6'6" you'd have to get two and wear them like roller skates!
  4. I'm glad the taillights say "Viper" because the rest of the car says "Hot Mess".
  5. The irony is that he got rid of the huge REAL exhausts coming out of the rocker panels!
  6. Thanks! I'm looking forward to my scale build. Biggest challenge is converting the early interior to the NA8 interior, especially since the 95M had low back buckets with headrests. I am probably going to base my build on the Tamiya Eunos because most of my collection is 1/24 and the '95 has a different engine to the '93 Revell kit so the Eunos being curbside doesn't bother me. I'll use the Revell mostly for detail bits. The Elan connection is a big point of contention in Miata circles. There are definite similarities in the suspension and chassis design. Early design proposals from Ma
  7. Thanks Jim! Rocker drains weren't bad, a little bit of sand/dirt came out but they weren't blocked. The rain rail drains were clean as a whistle. I unbolted the bottoms of the front fenders to get the crud that accumulates from the hood drains and there was a bunch of nastiness there, but no rust yet. (For those who aren't familiar, 1st generation Miatas are built with something like 13 drain holes to keep water from accumulating in the complex stamped steel structure and rotting the car from the inside out; keeping these drains clear is just one of the little maintenance tasks involved in kee
  8. Thanks man! She's an auto. I wasn't looking for an automatic, but the spec and condition were so good for the price that I couldn't pass it up, especially given that NA prices are starting to take off. The Merlot Mica is an amazing color that makes the '95M stand out from the rest of the pack. I was looking at NCs as well (never liked the NB generation) but I just can't pass up a nice set of pop-up headlamps! I'm already on Miata.net, same user ID over there. I used their buyer's guide when looking the car over (took a little chance on low idle issue, turned out to be dirty ISC, cheap fix) I'
  9. I decided to finally treat myself to something I've wanted for 30 years... '95 M Edition. One of 3500 made, only 89k miles. BBS wheels were standard, tan leather interior, one-year-only Merlot paint. Most of the heavy lifting (timing belt, cooling system, motor mounts, respray) was done by previous owner, leaving me with a lot of little jobs to do to bring her back to her former glory. She had been sitting for a while so brakes needed to be rebuilt. I will be fitting a new top at some point soon as well as new leather seat covers. THe original exhaust is a bit tired so it will be
  10. Love the Zonda. It started off Pagani's reputation for bonkers design and exquisite execution. Although Pagani does build the cars, the engines are Mercedes AMG V12s. I'd love for Aoshima to release a Zonda as a companion to the Huayra!
  11. I can't buy into the hype around collector kits. The purpose of a model is to be BUILT. If you want a rare subject and the only way to get it is to build an older kit, have at it. If you want to use modern or aftermarket parts to create a more realistic version of the model you want on your shelf, knock yourself out. Kit instructions aren't scripture.
  12. I've always used florist's foam, which works well except it generates dust after it's holed by enough toothpicks and skewers. A similar thread recently inspired me to pick up a cheap cat scratcher during one of my many, many trips to PetSmart. Cost about $6 and is basically the same idea as this only larger. I cut it down to 3 pieces and it's perfect!
  13. Really beautiful Matt. The work you put into correcting the body is subtle but really paid off!
  14. Alex Kustov taking on a crude transkit of one of the most beautiful cars ever built? Yeah, I'm following this one! I'm not sure about the Rosso Corsa, however... I'd love to see this car in Prugna!
  15. Beautiful styling and immaculately executed. I love it!
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