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  1. WOW! Beauty! Orange and white looks great! I've seen two TOP SHELF '55 sedans today, and this is one of them!
  2. Leoma. About 10 miles south of Lawrenceburg. 81 miles from Music City.
  3. Beautiful 'bird! And I'll be sure to check the frame when I build my '57.
  4. Extremely smooth paint! Great shine on the clear, too. It's a great looking build. TOP SHELF work, here!
  5. That's a good looking Vette! It has a unique color. Well done!
  6. This should be a fun project! I'll be sure to follow along. Never owned a '65 Coronet, but I did have three '66 Coronets. Love those 'B' bodies!
  7. I tend to agree with you about the rally wheels. An upscale Impala, especially a convertible, just needs an upgrade on the wheels. Chevy rally wheels seem to be an iconic wheel, that look good on just about any Chevy out there! Of course....this is just my opinion! LOL
  8. Bucky

    1958 Ford

    Awesome Ford! I really like the color combination. This is one of those kits that remains on my wish list.
  9. What irked me today? The neighbor's pit bull coming across the road a full 150 feet to harass me as I was filling Mrs. Bucky's bird feeders!!
  10. I always enjoy a good scale Mustang build. I have built a few in my day, and have a few more in the stash. Are you planning to turn this one into a notchback coupe?
  11. One could probably pour the wine through a strainer, and then put it back in the bottle.
  12. I built one of these years ago. I believe it was molded in a coral color. I got lucky that the multi-piece body came out relatively square. I've thought about rebuilding it, plus I have another unbuilt kit in the stash. Maybe I'll leave the old one as is, and build the other one as a comparison. It may or may not show any improvement! LoL At any rate, I'm enjoying watching this one come together, and I'm taking lots of mental notes for the future.
  13. I'm thinking that selling individual items, whether it be a kit, tools, or supplies, would bring in more money. Depending on the size of the stash, and the quantity of supplies and tools, it would be quite an undertaking, and would take a while to accomplish a complete liquidation. Selling in this manner might possibly generate a steady income for a little while. I sold well over $1000 worth of kits in 2020, one at a time, which helped me finance needed repairs to our old house so that we could sell and move into our new house. I didn't receive anything from eBay. I also offered
  14. Looks just like some of the real ones I saw back when they were all the rage! I built one of these kits a couple years ago. It is neat, fun kit to tinker with.
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