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  1. Thanks Thank you Thanks, I have to confess the photos were just quick shots, I didn't feel like setting up the lights etc. The sun was coming in thru the slider which is covered with a sheet of plastic for the winter. The flash on the camera bounced off the wrinkles. Thanks
  2. Thanks, GE was one of the builders of searchlights in WW2. Most, if not all, of the searchlights used in the 60's and 70's were military surplus. I recall the same thing, maybe that's what prompted this build! Thanks! Thanks, for a moment I thought about putting a real bulb in there.....darn squirrels almost got me on that one! Thanks, I remember Dad taking us for a ride in the car to find the searchlight. Thanks!
  3. Calling this one done.....for now. AMT kit with AITM short hood and flatbed from the AMT Ford Stake truck kit. Generator is a 4-71 Detroit from Gary Wallace, enclosure from scratch. Searchlight from a variety of household items on a base from Auslowe.
  4. Depends on what glue they used. I'd try soaking in water first, I use white glue for clear parts and it will dissolve in water eventually. After that, I usually soak in Super Clean though I confess that I've never soaked clear parts. If you try it, I'd find some clear parts in the spares bin and try them first. Failing that, soak in water and put it in the freezer while still wet. If a little water gets behind, it'll expand when it freezes and pop the part off. You always run the risk the part might break before the bond, especially if tube solvent glue was used. I used solvent glue in
  5. Here you go: https://pbase.com/baywing/image/169664128 https://pbase.com/baywing/image/169366518 https://pbase.com/baywing/image/169366527
  6. Barrel of the light is just about done. The biggest step to come is the yoke that supports it and sits on the base. Still thinking of ideas on how to make the parts.
  7. Good job with the seam, can't even see a hint of it. I agree with your statement, I don't like the look of that short dump trailer with 3 axles.
  8. Nice job, will never miss that on the construction site!
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