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  1. Two kits I remember were the Hogan's Heroes Jeep and Maxwell Smart's Sunbeam.
  2. What Auslowe calls a Rockwell is not the same as the A-car dump. The USA military used Rockwells in their 2.5 and 5 ton trucks for many years. The same style (as used in the AMT Autocar Dump kit) was used in many dump trucks of the 60's and 70's including Brockways and Internationals.
  3. Looking for the same style as in the A-Car dump kit, ie, military. Also need 1/25 scale.
  4. Anyone have a source for Rockwell rear axles/suspension? (besides the Autocar dump kit)
  5. I'll be interested to see how you do this. I used the Lindberg Dodge chassis, engine and interior for my JF White 3000.
  6. Fonts are near impossible to ID, I suspect they had a guy freehand all the lettering. If you feel like doing a test shot of the door decals, I'd be game.
  7. Long overdue update, lack of progress due to lack of motivation and other things. Cab is fit to chassis and the chassis is ready for paint. Cab needs finish color coat, then some clear. Interior is next, and at some point I have to figure out how to do the door decals. I've been looking for a good clear shot of the door (pre-roll). Even if it's in B&W I can add the colors. So far, I haven't found anything. Artwork from the studio would be great but not likely I'll ever see it.
  8. Not much of a restoration, more of a survivor. It was never converted to an RV and only needed some fixing.
  9. From the show 6/27/21: https://pbase.com/baywing/brook21 The Autocar was interesting, haven't seen one with a set back front drive axle. I was told it started life as a mixer and then as a house mover.
  10. I know the brothers that have the blue one, see it a couple of times a year at shows. The paint would be tough..... https://pbase.com/baywing/image/171720536.jpg
  11. Looking to build a Western Star COE. The closest cab I can find is a White Road Commander. I'm not sure what the differences are, seems like the lower cab is different and it appears that the area around the windshield is also different. Wondering if anyone has looked at this?
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