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  1. I will continue on with the ‘56 Chrysler for sure. Maybe I’ll dig out something else out of the crypt too, before the next round ends…. 🤔
  2. Snake, Tim & Tom your builds all look fantastic! I hope to cross the finish line in the next round perhaps along with your next BOYD projects. Congratulations on finishing this round!
  3. Gf found a 1/2 price sale at Hobby Lobby. Wasn’t much left but she found these gems.
  4. I will have to continue to the next round. I’m not having much luck with the paint. It has some peculiarities, that and my little experience with airbrush. Since I have to spray this poison paint in the garage humidity has stimmied progress. (Perfect weather the week I was away🙁) I have sprayed the desert rose but it had a rough, dry finish. After sanding 2nd coat was just as rough but it’s polishing out ok. Have some burn through to deal with however. 😖Desert rose ready for final polishing. Hood is done. These pieces are shiny without polishing. (Still learning how to paint)Alcad chrome came
  5. The Mustang looks good, Dave! Bad medicine is looking even better! Great patina on the tires!
  6. I like the rear treatment so far. Taillights in the surrounds on either side of the license plate would be cool if you went bumperless. If you go with the thin chrome bumper the taillights would be somewhat obstructed. They would probably be too low in a real world application without a high center brake light in any event. Still looks cool, though!
  7. Got the paint after having to have the pink redone. The 1st batch they sent wasn’t even pink but they quickly replaced it with the correct color. Also picked up some Duplicolor primer just to be sure I have a good barrier for the heavy duty thinner the paint requires. (I don’t know if the Tamiya primer would work) Got most of the leaks plugged in my air compressor. Been working on smoothing out the front bumper before the Alclad chrome and body has been prepped for primer. And check out the engine detail! 😁 These folks came with the model and had been misplaced. Check out the herring b
  8. I had that issue with a Dodge Caravan. No matter what I tried the red bled through and I was painting it white! I finally gave up & found one molded in white. About a month ago I took a look at the red bleed through Caravan & it no longer has its pinkish hue! Oddly the rear bumper still looks pink (don’t remember what the front bumper looked like. I usually paint all parts at the same time so not sure why the discrepancy.) I know I had tried everything suggested: black primer, silver paint, even a stain blocker. Still looked pink until I now 🤔 I had heard once that setting bare red p
  9. I bought 8(?) kits &/or transkits when they announced their closing with no thought of selling them. I then had a chance to buy any leftover stuff but figured I spent enough already even though they had some other kits I would like to have. After seeing these kits sell for so much I wish I had! I have only started 2 of their kits, both on th back burner for now. These are the 1st resin kits I’ve worked with with the exception of a somewhat clunky LFC Dodge trans kit that I purchased decades ago. (It remains mostly unstarted. It took a real effort just to get the interior to fit into the c
  10. It sucks when a kit doesn’t go together the way it should. You would think the manufacturers would correct these errors before putting them on the shelves or at least before the 1st reissue! However, I thought you had planned to build it like your friend’s, without a spoiler (if that helps... 😁).
  11. Uh, I got paint ordered. Desert rose and Dover white. Correct colors for the’56 Chrysler...
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