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  1. I have this same kit on the bench atm, Im building it with the hobby design detail up set and had a friend who is an automotive spray painter mix me up and batch of Porsche diamond blue metallic (which is actually a silver lol) I haven't done much with it yet, just clean up the moulding marks from the body and hit it with the panel line scriber. Yours is looking tops so far and youre right about it being an easy kit to put together, apart from the moulding marks its test fitted perfectly
  2. Awesome I'll have to give them a go some time soon, I take advantage of the fact I have an auto paint supplier that will mix me anything I like too often.
  3. Absolutely love the colour, is the interference violet powder from the parts box? I have all of their powder but Im yet to give them a try!
  4. Can't wait to see more on this, 90's japanese cars are by far my favourite!
  5. In the mean time I found this, and free postage to boot. 80 series on ebay
  6. And heres a quick couple of shots of how Im hoping I can get the stance. Thanks for checking in, all criticisms and suggestions are welcome
  7. Finally got a decent bit of bench time in. Ive removed the guts of the kit grille so I can add the PE grill into it and youll be able to see the radiator through it, Ive also attched it to the chassis along with the fender aprons.It still need some filler and filing but Im pretty happy that it was a simple job to get it to where it is now. I also threw out the old PE set of bullet wheels as the CA glue was a pain to work with and I basically ruined them, not to fret a got another set and did them with 15 minute epoxy and theyve come up a treat. I also went to the effort of hitting them with
  8. I'll have a look next time I'm out at my local shop, I've seen one there before if it isnt gone I'll grab it for you.
  9. Yeah, not only that theyre so hard to find and I feel they lack the kind of detail I like in a model
  10. It's semi modern yeh but not very detailed, I like the idea of modern bits in old cars so I might see if I can find a 4 link rear in my parts box or try my hand scratch building for the first time see what I come up with. Will have a blown and injected motor too.
  11. Thanks, hope to have some more work done this weekend. Haha yes they are, but theyre not too over the top (I hope) If the vision I have for it is right it will look a treat when done.
  12. Nice and clean man, its good to see some japanese cars getting some love!
  13. So this is my first WIP for the forum and probably the last decade its been a long time. I decided I'd be over ambitious and go full custom with a heap of detail master bits and pieces and this will be my first time working with PE parts. Going for a fenderless build and I also sanded down that ugly moulded in rag top. Something Ive orided myself on with model building over the years is the prep put in to get as close to a perfect paint job as possible in the below photo Ive glued the inner fenders to the body and started filling them with tamiya basic putty Im going for a nice smoothed custo
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