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  1. This is a great tip. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Ahh the ‘56. My favorite of the tri-fives!! Fantastic work!
  3. I built this kit as well. It was a challenge for me, I wish I would have taken more time. You’ve inspired me to pick it up and give it another go! I am enjoying your work as always!
  4. This was some excellent information. Thank you for sharing.
  5. @HJK, thank you for the kind words. I will try to list out my steps as best as possible, if you have any questions on steps that may be unclear, please feel free to ask. 1) all body parts are primered in AK Interactive surface primer - rust. It is a very runny primer so I usually do several light layers. No more than 3 so I don’t lose detail. 2) I take a sponge (I prefer the yellow ones you can get at craft stores) and cut off a chunk, and distress the edges to create a random edge. After doing that I apply a variety of AK or Mig paints via the sponge. I use these 3 most often
  6. Mock up. Still need to weather the bed a bit more. The 6 lug wheels are not out of paint yet so not pictured here.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. I ended up getting a set from the Black Widow ‘57 Chevy. I originally did not know until I saw a for sale listing for a bed and it mentioned “no cracks.” The wheels got to turning and I figured they were fiberglass. Pretty cool!
  8. Working on some weathering today. I also got the white airbrushed on last night. The bed is lighter than the cab because the bed is fiberglass, and this truck would be sitting outside so the sun would really get to it. I have not weathered the passenger side yet.
  9. Some members find it more interesting to try and make every post or thread funny, thus derailing the entire thing.
  10. New Revell kits are sealed with the circle shaped piece of tape. Hobby Lobby kits have had those for a while now.
  11. There’s no reason to berate another forum member the way you do. Just let it go. Doug shared his post with a photo of the wrecker and they said it was coming out. And honestly, I would have believed it as well. I still do believe that it is coming. Perhaps your distributor information is wrong? Give it a break. You’ve disrupted a perfectly good thread with your rude behavior. FWIW 61.99 euros to USD is about 66.75. Not 62. Gosh I hate that misinformation that people spread here
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