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  1. I'm going to have to break down and buy a Taig. I'm sold, seeing what you've achieved here. Thanks for the valuable information.
  2. Very nice color choices. Your masking efforts paid off. The finished kit looks quite realistic.
  3. Comparison of the 69 Camaro headers vs the 67 Chevelle headers. I'm with Plowboy on this.
  4. Superb weathering and details. In the full scale world, such a trailer is nondescript. In the world of scale trucks, this trailer is art.
  5. Cool! I'm doing something very similar with the Revell '69 Chevelle. I've gone with the same headers you've chosen. I sanded the frame where it narrows down to provide header clearance.
  6. Thanks again for the input. I now feel better equipped to tackle my main building obstacle, polishing.
  7. I understand cost being a concern. You alone know how best to allocate your resources. I will most likely get some Tamiya compound. I'm most interested in adding value to my scarce building time. Every other Tamiya product I use has added value to my modeling. Less work/better results.
  8. Thanks. I'm sold on every other Tamiya product I use. I expect no different from the polishing compound.
  9. I have a full-size Novus kit that was found in the trash at work. Would you advise it be returned there to be replaced with Tamiya compound? I'll happily spend a few bucks to achieve a better paint finish.
  10. Greg Wann at Holy Grail Resin Parts came to my mind. I've seen small lot/custom cast posts on the Holy Grail Facebook page. Holy Grail Resin has a proboards site if you don't Facebook.
  11. Here's a link to those mustang decals. https://public.fotki.com/RaysKits/ford/mustang/1984-mustang-gt-350/84mustanggt350-20th.html The best way to contact the gentleman is through his website email. https://rayskits.com/decals/
  12. Well done Skyline sir. The wheels and tires add extra flair to a cool car.
  13. Will the hood from the AMT '70 Chevelle fit on the MPC '72 Chevelle? Thanks for reading.
  14. Here's an interesting article concerning Mopar undercoating and blackout paint methods. https://moparconnectionmagazine.com/back-in-black-front-in-black-wheel-wells-too-proper-oe-blackouts-on-comeback-cuda/
  15. I don't have that kit, but I have a set of fugu garage wheels. The website photos accurately depict the wheels I received. I had no issues with shipping or service, also. I plan to order from fugu garage in the future.
  16. Pretty sweet machine! Are those Gabriel Hi-Jackers I see under there?🙂
  17. Nicely done! Your Camaro looks quite authentic. The kit itself exceeds my expectations as well.
  18. I really like the look of this GTX. As written above, it has a 1980's street machine feel to it. Nicely done!
  19. Yes, definitely a loss. I had hoped to pick up some narrow width masking tape. It was out of stock everywhere I searched. Back to the old razor blade and glass plate for me 🙂.
  20. According to Google, Line-O-Tape is "Permanently Closed ". You may consider stockpiling should you have a preferred product.
  21. I couldn't remember Michael's name for the life of me. Thanks for that.
  22. Awesome! Those Keystones are spot on! Nice job integrating the LT5. I like the stock appearance combined with the surprise under the hood.
  23. Happy 3/27! I nearly forgot. 🙂

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