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  1. All, thank you for comments and feedback. Detail WIP(Russian language) you can find by the link https://scalecustoms.ru/topic/20089-конкурс-sc-gmc-pickup-sierra-1977-revell-125/#comments Also you can find answers on your questions regarding details and crafting.
  2. Thank you guys for comments. I am not very well versed in the modifications of this model, but I tried to make it as realistic as possible, based on photos from the Internet. Of course, there may be some inconsistencies in the finishing elements, but I think that the overall image turned out to be good and recognizable.
  3. Hi all! I would like to show you my latest build - Kit from Revell GMC Pickup with snow plow but built in civil version. Initial kit is pure on interior details and in engine bay. It required a lot of improvements and parts manufacturing from scratch. Some of the extеrior parts were machined from aluminum. Aftermarket was also used. For interior I machined door panels. Wooden finish decals were user from the equal Chevy 4x4 kit. Steering wheel whom Chevy SS kit but restyled to GMC shape. Pedals, gear selector are scratched. Chassis were detailed with wire, bolts and brake lines
  4. Thank you guys for all your comments!
  5. Great build! Very realistic
  6. Hi all! I would like to show you my second build - Morris cooper mini Mk.1 Tamiya. Model was finished 8 months ago. The body is painted with green acrylic Mr.Hobby, top is covered with 2k varnish. The rest of the details were painted using the paints Tamiya, Testors, Mr.Color, AlcadII. I decided to maximize the detail of the engine compartment under the hood and the brake lines under the bottom, using a wire of different color and thickness. Also, many scratchbuild parts were added under the hood such as the radiator cover with the brackets, the oil dipstick with the engine tide, the clutch
  7. Once more many thanks for all of you guys for the highest evaluation of my work. Of course you are right about headlights shape but let me reveal the secret. I started with round headlights and I'm convinced that they look more attractive but unfortunately I damaged one of them and decided to replace with square. For information see additional pictures
  8. Many thanks for the great comments. I am very pleased that my work was so highly appreciated. I will try in the future not to disappoint your expectations. Юрий, спасибо! Я давно этот форум просматриваю, вот и решил, почему бы и не показать свою работу и Вас поддержать .
  9. Hi all! This is my first model in this community. Model was build 1,5 year ago and it was my first completely finished build. During the process of assembly, the elements of the suspension, engine, body, interrior were modified. I used some photo etching parts (locks of belts, engine parts, wipers), wire (cables), flock, BMF foil for chromium imitation, Alcad II, Elf headlights, rubber hose cords, string and syringe needle for antenna, 2k putty (mirrors, washer reservoirs). Windows(glass) except for the back are made of transparent plastic 0.5mm. The body is painted with a Model Master Nassa
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