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  1. While the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud is being built for the 1:24 scale diorama, there has been a further addition to the 1:43 scale diecast model car collection. This is an Austin Low Loader Taxi Cab by Oxford Diecast, and these London taxis were produced from 1934 until 1948...... There were still quite a few of these types of taxis around London during the 1950's. Here are some photographs taken just outside the Hooper factory, probably in 1959. David
  2. Work continues with the Silver Cloud build, and both colours of the two-tone paint scheme have been applied. Test fitting and painting is under way for the chassis, engine, interior seating, dashboard, bonnet panels, boot lid, radiator grille, lights, wheels, windscreen and bumpers. David
  3. I really like the work you have done here, Douglas....... The layout and the realism is excellent. This is diorama building at it's best ! Your idea to include an elevator is interesting, and well worth considering if you can find a way to do that...... My 1:24 scale Hooper & Co. building, as it was in the 1950's had an elevator to move cars from the ground floor up to the first floor showroom, but I wasn't able to find space to include this feature, unfortunately. David
  4. That must have been a satisfying moment...... key in the door of the new home. You remind me of the great Tom Jones from Wales in appearance..... Has anyone told you that before? David
  5. Much appreciated, Eric and I have a feeling this one should be an important part of the project. Certainly, the paintwork aspect of the build is demanding greater attention, and the chrome work application also. The masking tape has been removed from the body of the Silver Cloud, and the Sage Green looks pretty good, so during today the masking tape goes on, ready for the Smoke Green lower half. Thanks for watching ! David
  6. Work is well under way on this 1:24 scale Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I mostly from a Revell kit. Having learned a great deal over the past 4 years of model car building and painting, and also having recently built the 1953 Moebius Hudson Hornet kit, I am striving to achieve the best ever build yet of a Silver Cloud. The body parts have been sanded down thoroughly with 80, 180, 320, 400 and 600 grade wet & dry papers, and I have applied Automotive Orange Filler Primer spray........ more sanding followed, from 320 to 600 wet & dry. Just today, I have sprayed the upper body of this mod
  7. Kind words indeed, Dan........ and thank you for having a look at my topic. Currently, I am building a 1:24 scale Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I, which is based on an actual 1957 motor car and uses mostly parts from the Revell kit. There should be some new photos posted here during this weekend, so watch this space! David
  8. Thank you very much, Douglas........ and it means a lot to me that you have been inspired by what you see here. The project continues ! David
  9. Liking the colour combination, and well done with the kit bash ! David
  10. Dan, here is a link to the Revell 1970 AAR Cuda kit history, which you might not have seen........... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vq_SW5ermCg David
  11. Many thanks indeed, Charles !......... I am pleased that you find my project interesting, and it makes all the work over a 4 year period so worthwhile. Usually, I would be exhibiting both the 1:24 scale Hooper & Co. diorama, and also the 1:43 scale Hooper & Co. diorama at the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club Annual Rally, which is held every year during three days in June but of course the 2021 event is cancelled due to the pandemic. There will be a one day event this year, which I am attending as a non Rolls-Royce owner, and there will be a full 3 day event in June 2022. The event or
  12. This is an ambitious project indeed, Douglas ! and I shall be following this one for sure. My 1:24 scale diorama features four levels (floors) with the office on the top floor, and my 1:43 diorama features two levels. Good luck with calculating the authentic size, which I know from experience can be tricky. The baseboard needs to be surprisingly large, I find. You will have lots of space for model cars, and many opportunities for photography also. David
  13. You are off to a good start there, Dan........ That is a very smart rig, and also the two race cars. Once you begin building this diorama it will take over, and you will think of it as a real place ( in a good way! ). I am sure that you will find the whole experience most rewarding. Having started three dioramas just over 4 years ago now, they are still not finished...... This is how a WIP becomes a long term project. Happy model building, Dan. David
  14. Lots of interesting detail, Douglas........ This is an excellent diorama that you have created, and it all works so well. Nicely planned and laid out. David
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