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  1. Good luck with this build, Roman........ I have built one of these kits as a 1934 Rolls-Royce Phantom II, and just as you say, I did not like the Star of India colour scheme. Mine is black and magnolia (cream), and I made the soft top into a hard top, which is painted gloss black. The Italeri kit is a nice one to build, and the 6 cylinder inline engine is a good base from which to modify and add parts for more realism. The bonnet panels can be cut and made into the hinged panels for opening if you wish. This is a BIG car in 1:24 scale, and it builds into a nice model. You are off to a good sta
  2. You are too kind, Sir ! I do enjoy both aspects of this wonderful hobby, and it is most rewarding when the assembled and painted models come to life within a realistic diorama setting. David
  3. Sorry, and yes I had already seen the earlier part of your post, and I usually work in 1:24 scale but at the moment working in 1:35. Navy Blue, not black..... got it. Your scratch built Webasto sunroof is excellent, and it is good to see someone working with brass and fabric materials. I had seen the ICM Opel models, but not the Revell versions. Thanks for posting the different stages of your builds, Jouko. David
  4. Your two Renault builds are both beautiful, Anders........ My favourite would be the Royal Maroon car. These Heller kits can be quite a challenge to assemble, but usually well worth the effort in my experience. The little Renault car never let them down, driving all over Europe and only 21 HP........ !!! David
  5. These are really interesting Opel builds, Jouko........ The sliding / folding sunroof on the black car is so realistic. Four kits being assembled, like a factory production line, but each car is quite different. Now that I have studied your detailed work on these cars, I would like to add some of the Opel kits to my large collection...... Are these 1:35 scale ICM, Jouko ? We can see some Opel kits on Ebay, here in UK, but they are mostly military vehicles and I do not collect military vehicles. David Watson (England)
  6. Managed to complete the 1:35 scale laser cut MDF house building a few days ago, and here are a some photos of the ' Black Diamond ' diorama. There will be some further additions to this model, as I photograph the setting, which leads me to new ideas. Thanks for viewing the progress of this one. David
  7. Here is a 1:24 scale 3D printed grand piano, and a 1:24 scale ICM figure from the ' American Gasoline Loaders ' set. Three different lighting sources have been used together, and this black & white image has reduced clarity for effect. The photo has the title: " The Maestro Goes To Work ".......... David
  8. The past couple of weeks have seen the assembly and painting of a 1:35 scale laser cut MDF kit, which is a WW2 European Building..... This kit is very well designed, and also nicely produced, having 123 parts in total. I coated all the parts with red primer enamel, and then decided on Crown Elle Decoration Cushion Craze emulsion for the walls of this house. The doors, windows and all frames are painted with one coat satin Magnolia enamel. There has been a huge amount of painting, especially the windows, which have 8 inner frames, 8 outer frames and 16 panes. The window panes can be glued in th
  9. Your workshop is looking really busy now, Pat....... The whole scene is just how the real workshop would appear, during the process of putting everything back in place, following a move from one site to another , such as a house move in your case. Your machines, engines, toolboxes and figures are so realistic, and the workshop area of this diorama can easily pass for the real thing in close up photographs. You must be enjoying this opportunity to get the diorama set up fully again. David
  10. This is a fascinating project, Jason...... I shall follow this one, for sure. I like your detailed plan drawings and preparation. Also, I like the display cases aspect of these dioramas. Several of my previous scale model dioramas have been quite large, but the one that I am currently working on is only 20 " x 15", so this might fit inside a similar case. David
  11. This is a very good kit by Tamiya, Urs...... Interesting that you have chosen yellow for your body paint colour...... I painted my Morgan in Ferrari Giallo Modena Yellow, which was mixed especially for airbrush application. I agree that these chrome wire spoked wheels are the best that you can find. The Tamiya Jaguar Mk 2 also has the same wheels, and they are really good. I enjoyed building this kit, and the Jaguar is even more enjoyable, with both finished models looking very nice indeed. You are doing a fine job, and you are off to a good start with your build. Here is a photo of
  12. This is an excellent build of yours, Chang....... I particularly like the technique that you have use for the paint finish on the body exterior. Clear Brown over Chrome Silver, that really works. Also, this is a very nice kit from Ebbro, and I have thought about purchasing one of these before, but they are rather expensive here in England. Your attention to detail is very accurate, and you have produced a top quality result. This model car looks highly realistic and you should be very proud of this build. David
  13. I was surprised to find how difficult it was to even source some BMF in the UK, and I ended up ordering some from an Ebay seller in Germany. This seller had supplied me with a couple of Moebius kits previously, and their shipping was cheap and quick. All the usual suppliers of BMF in England are oddly and currently showing ' Out of Stock '. My pack of BMF from Germany has a sticker on it which says ' Chrome '........ Seemed to apply okay, but does not stick down very well. David
  14. There you go...... Damage limitation, and spontaneous recovery !
  15. Well, Miles...... I reckon you should feel very proud of what you have achieved here, especially as this is your first diorama ever ! You encountered some challenges and difficulties along the way, and from these experiences you will have learned a lot. Also, you will have raised the bar as regards your own expectations, so that each further diorama that you build from here on, will be better and more rewarding. This is why I like building scale model dioramas, and scale model cars...... Each project becomes a whole new miniature creation..... and you created everything that went into tha
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