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  1. Looks great so far! I love the impreza's you've done as well - the 99 WRC was my return to the modelling world and it's a lovely looking kit.
  2. Looking really good! tempted to do one of those myself when I get through my current waiting list!
  3. That's insane...can't wait to see it go together!
  4. That colour's awesome! It may be the picture, but that imperfection isn't that noticeable to me when the rest of it looks so good!
  5. That thing looks hilarious - love the paint and tire work so far!
  6. That thing looks awesome. Really well done!
  7. A couple more images to show. I prepped the front end for painting and gave it 3 coats of tamiya light grey primer, next up it will get a couple coats of black then the flip paint! Engine also painted and assembled. The only part you have to glue is the little distributor cap, the rest just pushes in snugly without glue which is always nice.
  8. Hi all, fresh from my completion of the Subaru, I pulled out next in the line of models to get built. This one is going to be intended as a gift to someone who is a big fan of VW Campers, and I'm going to try shooting it with some slightly interesting paint (first time using an airbrush too). I'm aware for a second go it's very ambitious, but we all need to be challenged, right? I've opted for Zero paints ZP-4032 which is a green-purple flip. I think I'll keep the rest of the colour scheme in line with the box art/as revell intended mostly. I tried painting the whitewalls on the tyres as per
  9. Thanks I like to do things the hard way! I didn't in the end and most went on no problem, it's just the curved surfaces that struggle to mate up properly. I have a couple more race cars to do with plenty more decals so I'll give the solutions a go next time!
  10. Thanks guys I love the colour combo on this car, the contrast works really well I think. Well, After a bit of fun and games last night, all the stickers are on (apart from the ones which seem to have magically disappeared during the move) and my first proper foray into scale modelling is pretty much complete. I need to get the shell sitting better on the body but I'll worry about that later, it still looks fine for all intents and purposes how I have it. The 2 Pirelli stickers on the front bumper aren't taking to the curves very well so I might relocate them if I can't get them to stay in pl
  11. Fury556

    911 GT1

    That's awesome, looking really good!
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