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  1. Still hoping to locate this photo-etched set, anyone have one stashed away?
  2. Yep, that's it! Sadly, I don't believe they have been produced in over 20 years.
  3. I know this is a long shot, but there used to be a photo-etch set for this kit, I believe it was from S&S or maybe Performance Detail, I would love to find a set, if anyone has one they could part with please let me know. thanks, Chris
  4. Love the stance, which slicks from Speed City did you use? any fitment issues?
  5. Thanks guys! I appreciate the help! I knew someone had wrote an article..I just couldn't remember where to find it. Silver Foxx...the stance of your t-bird is exactly what im shooting for. Perfect!
  6. So if I understand you correctly, for the Fords there is no need to shorten the front spindle to drop front ride height? Its been so long since I've attempted one of these kits....
  7. I'm sure there was a "how to" posted at some point, but I cant find any information on the basics of lowering the suspension on old Monogram NASCAR kits. I have an idea how to go about it, just curious as what works best. Any help would be appreciated! Chris
  8. Could you share some insight to achieving that stance? Perfect!
  9. Mike, no disrespect, but I would consider Gravity Colors a bit questionable as well due to the recent issues with all the other members. I personally haven't had an issue with Mate, and if he would return my emails I would love to order more paint. I have never did business with Scale Finishes, but similar issues have been noted on this forum as well. I have ordered from Hobby World USA (Zero Paints) and very impressed! However it seems they are always out of what I'm after.... MCW has been in the game for a long time...but no modern colors... Please if there is a company that can be recommend
  10. Never tried it... but now that you mention it, it seems like a viable option.....just thin it out with lacquer thinner?
  11. I just want a reliable source of lacquer airbrush paint without ordering out of country....(sigh)
  12. Just got mine yesterday, I've noticed an alternative set of headers included that aren't on the directions...another variation coming perhaps? The body is perfect and the panel lines are indeed deeper than the stock Belvedere I offering. Now the search for Cragars begins...
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