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  1. This came out stunning. This car gave me a hell of a time when I built it. It came out okay but I had to oven cleaner the paint off quite a few times. The grabber blue and i didnt quite get along.
  2. Superb! I love what you've done with the tail lights as well! Fantastic build!!!
  3. @RDean58 very nice builds. Interesting that the 88 came with the bf Goodrich tires. Thank you for sharing these!
  4. @Tom99 hard to believe that was 30 years ago isnt it? I was looking a grey vettes last night. Think I like the idea. Thank you for sharing!
  5. That would be great! Let me know what youd like for them! I'd love that! And I agree about the pin holes.
  6. This is very cool! I've seen a stealth with a viper body kit on it and it actually looks pretty sweet! I didnt see it in person but I posted the pics of the car.
  7. @RestoModGuy Jim this is incredible! That's a cherry ride! I love the ground effects kit and the rear wing! Looks like the kit on the actual car! You nailed this for sure! I love the wheel choice too. Excellent job here. Thank you for sharing! May I ask did you make the extra details out of styrene?
  8. @christian-w these are all very nice! I love what you've done with the lights in the nose. The black lenses kill me too. Beautiful rides sir! Thank you!!!!
  9. @Snake45 Richard another great build sir! I love the color of the vert and that's interesting about the promo car. I didnt realize they're painted. I thought they were molded in color as well. Probably a wise choice to assemble as stock just in case. Thank you for posting these!
  10. @Scalper Andre this is probably the next vette I'll build. I want to build one of every year available. Thank you for posting this. Very nicely done. I wish the amt versions had the correct mirrors on them. They kind of do but not quite. This is great! The fit and finish is very nice.
  11. @Spottedlaurel Nigel I actually saw your vette right after I had posted this topic and thought to myself what are the odds lol very nice build. Love the different wheel choice! Very clean! Thank you for sharing this!!!
  12. These are great guys! Very nice builds!!! Loving this!
  13. I built a grand sport and I'm currently brainstorming a 94 zr1. Show the community what you've got! I have some small finishing details to do on the grand sport. Not the best pic I have but its packed away during a home Reno at the moment. Anyways let's see them! Also didnt realize that the mold for both these vettes is in fact different! I'd rather have the side vents on the grand sport than the vents on the zr1. At least they are different tho.
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