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  1. I like it! Very nice.
  2. Thanks Gents! Learned a lot from all of the fine builders here.
  3. Thanks for love gang. I like how it turned out but this kit left a lot to be desired.
  4. I almost did it in that version, but wanted to do something based off of an actual scout car. Maybe if I pick up another one, I’ll do it in that scheme. Thanks brother
  5. After a couple short deployments , I bellied back up to the workbench. This started out as the Gotham PD car and I was not pleased with the build. Bad fits and lack of some details. I decided to put the A318 pursuit “Chrysler clean burn system” engine with the spark control system attached to the air cleaner. Swapped out the grill and headlights for a correct Plymouth one, added bumperettes and painted with Regatta metallic blue. Fabricated the light bar and put correct wheels and dog dish rims from Fireball model works. The first pick is what I was going for.
  6. Looks good so far. Anxious to see it under glass.
  7. no. It was a piece of white decal paper that popped off. I replaced it.
  8. Thanks for the intel Eric.. Look forward to meeting some of the folks on this site.
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