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  1. Did a bit more on the car. I think, after trial fitting the seats, the roll cage sits slightly too low, will need to sort that. I modified the seats slightly so that they look more like the reference car seats (couldn't find an exact match anywhere).
  2. Just took delivery of a few bits I ordered for this build. Seats, wheels and steering wheel.
  3. Looks great, can't wait to see this one finished.
  4. A bit more work done. I was planning on working on the door bars for the roll cage, so I test fitted some seats to see how much room I had between them and the door cards. The answer was none. Originally I wanted to keep the front section of the interior tub, to act as the carpet and to keep the door cards, but with no space between the seats and door cards I couldn't build the door bars. So I needed to work out a way to get more room. As you can see from the picture above, the centre console/tunnel is excessively wide (on the interior tub part anyway), so what I thought I'd do is cut this
  5. Thanks. It's been easier than expecting to get to this stage. I'm guessing that tidying the joins and making it all look smooth for paint is going to be harder.
  6. Made a start on the roll cage last night, and I have started shaping some of the bits I've added so the edges aren't so harsh.
  7. Nice work. Paint looks really good.
  8. After the mk1 Golf cab came out better than I'd expected I wanted to add some different modelling techniques, some scratch building, nothing extreme though. I've decided to build a 180sx based on a 1:1 car. No engine this time. The 1:1 car is this one (its actually a 240sx i believe) The body kit will be slightly different, but again, I'm just basing my build on this, not an exact replica. Anyway, lets get started. The car has interior panel and carpet up front along with bucket seats, and is striped out in the rear, this is where the scratch building will be, making the rear interior.
  9. Next model on the table is this...
  10. Finally got around to finishing the Golf. There's a few things I'd of done differently but overall I'm pleased with this one. I forgot to paint the black around the glass. Rear wheel fitment could do with tidying up. Front splitter is a little high. Body paint work needs improvement. I'm calling this finished now and will learn from what I see as 'room for improvements' and apply them to my next build. I will get better pictures of the Golf once I have my proper camera available.
  11. Glue has finally arrived, I can get the glass installed now.
  12. Thanks, I've enjoyed working on this one, I've got a 180sx to build next, I want to do a 1:1 replica with that one.
  13. Progress has slowed on this due to work. But I have managed to get a few of the details painted and fitted now. Just the glass and lights to do now I think.
  14. Great work. I like where this is heading. I have a 180sx to build next.
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