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  1. Can't wait to see it done.!!! i really like the custom back end that really went along with the front the color you picked is spot on very nice this could pass for a 60's auto show concept car that would have been shown at the 65 auto show.!!
  2. WOW your engine came out great thanks for showing the splice for the floor pan yours is looking awesome.
  3. Awesome build very nice it looks like something right out of the pages of the 60's Rod & Custom Mag.!!!!
  4. LOL I am doing the same project and i picked the same kits so now i know i am on the right track ! can you show how you did the floor pan set up were you cut the parts from the Mustang and fitted them to the T-Bird set up.
  5. Ho Man that is looking awesome right out of the pages of 60's Rod & Custom.!! Mag.
  6. Love it !! awesome idea with the slant 6 .!!
  7. Nice awesome build Ford should have used the 69 roof on the 70 and 71 Merc's I do like that look.!
  8. Check with Jeff at Motor city Resin Casters i got some AMC in line 6's from him about 3 years ago.
  9. Yep stick with the white it looks great with the body color.
  10. Great timing on this i just got a perfect resin body and chrome from a friend and was looking for an interior i have got many parts and even some kits from Ed over the years in fact i some from when his Dad was doing it Ed puts out very good quality parts I have always been very happy with them.
  11. Looking good I had one i bought used in 70 payed $23.00.00 for it the color was the dark green like yours i had a white top and inside the guy i bought it from kept it like new in 71 i took my girlfriend to dinner to the 95th that was at the top of the sears tower in Chicago we came out and it was gone.!! I have the JoHan 70 kit same body one of these days i will get to it every time i start I think about my 67 and stop.!
  12. WOW ! I have to say at the start I was not sure this was going to work but seeing it done WOW it turned out awesome nice idea and nice work.
  13. Awesome rebuild great color and wheels.
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