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  1. Looking good I had one i bought used in 70 payed $23.00.00 for it the color was the dark green like yours i had a white top and inside the guy i bought it from kept it like new in 71 i took my girlfriend to dinner to the 95th that was at the top of the sears tower in Chicago we came out and it was gone.!! I have the JoHan 70 kit same body one of these days i will get to it every time i start I think about my 67 and stop.!
  2. WOW ! I have to say at the start I was not sure this was going to work but seeing it done WOW it turned out awesome nice idea and nice work.
  3. Awesome rebuild great color and wheels.
  4. Thats a great build the no chrome looks great on that car nice.!!!
  5. Awesome save it's always nice to see one of the old ones brought back to life.!!!
  6. Awesome build i love the coups i am building two my self i got the coup resin body's for both the 69 and 70 Mustangs nice pick on the color.
  7. I got my #208 in the mail the other day just had the chance to go over it cover to cover it's great love it keep them coming it was laid out very nice.
  8. WOW ! you did a awesome job on this one the 65 was one that i wish the model companys had done or someone in the resin area in a stock build very nice.
  9. Great work so far i will be watching this one no model company has ever made a 64 or 65 Skylark and that's to bad I have all ways liked both and wish they did put them in there yearly line up.
  10. To bad the guys at Revell did not do what AMT did with the first run of the 55 Chevy Wagon in the parts they gave you a roof section and rear tub to make it a El Camino .!!
  11. Thats awesome nice fit looks great i will be following this one.
  12. I have been setting up to do one of these and on the line between getting the resin body now seeing you with this in all plastic i am going this way it will be more work but i like working with all plastic and regular plastic cement don't get me wrong i have a ton of resin kits but sometimes it's just better to go all plastic. i will be watching this very close keep the pictures coming it's looking real good.!!
  13. Awesome builds all of them very high quality work and great colors but i have to say the one that really stands out is your 67 Vette no one ever shows them in white with the black very nice.!!
  14. Nice it's good to see someone filling that open hood AMT gave us for once a promo that came with the hood cut out and good detail under it i have 2 on the way one will have the 230 in-line 6 and the other will have a V-8 nice build.
  15. WOW ! that came out awesome now that's modelers TLC.!! Perfect color to.!
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