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  1. Very nice. Makes me remember Buddy Ingersol’s 1956 chevy from years ago (also from Illinois, by the way). Might we look under the hood and the chassis?
  2. Very nice. Were you at least tempted to convert it to a sedan with some scratch built door posts?
  3. Great, common sense tutorial and much appreciated. Thank you.
  4. I use double sided tape on the base of my Tamiya cement. This allows me to unscrew the cap with one hand and yet move it around if I need to.
  5. Any progress and anyway I can be of assistance?
  6. Geez! The engine is great. How did you make the velocity stacks?
  7. LOTS of tedious work there and well executed. Where is the carb from? Looks like a wcfb, so I assume this is a replica of a 265 chevy? Great job.
  8. Your foiling and engine detail work are precise. What color is the body and why does it look copperish in some shots and bright red in others? Don’t guess you did headers on this car? Thanks, Ron.
  9. If you have to glue painted parts together you can scrape the paint off and use cement, but I got tired of cleaning off the paint and now use the small tubes of super glue on painted surfaces.
  10. Very realistic. What did you use for plug wires and “silicone” boots? Did you make the super coil? Hard to tell in the pic, but, did you flatten the aluminum rod (on the shock)? Thanks, Ron.
  11. My sympathies. My curiousity, however, has to ask, how? Dropped? Nonrepairable? Although a neophyte with resin bodies (only have 3) what problems have you experienced?
  12. Find some 7 inch “cheater” (grooved) slicks.
  13. I like it a lot. Are you going to put a strip of styrene under the drip rails to duplicate the top of the door and rear window top strip on the sedans?
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