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  1. Thanks. I built this from the full detail version of the kit.
  2. Nice Caddy! Love the color.
  3. I built this from the Testors kit, but instead of using the small kit decals I wanted to do the original paint job. I painted the truck black, then masked off the black stripes, painted the whole thing white, then masked off the white stripes, then painted the whole thing red, then unmasked all the stripes and cleared the whole thing. Other than the paint job, it's box stock.
  4. I'm really not sure where he got it. The only place I know that used to make them was Modelhaus.
  5. I've seen plenty of builds with the inner fenders, so I know it can be done. They have a lot of different angles and curves, so it's hard to know where to trim. Hopefully you have more patients than I do.
  6. It's a swamp cooler.
  7. Thanks. The only trouble I had building it was with the inner fenders, I just couldn't get them to cooperate, so I just left them out. Other than that it went together well.
  8. I built this from the AMT kit. I lowered it over eBay wheels and Pegesus tires. A friend gave me the swamp cooler. The plate and side mirror came from my parts box. I made some exhaust tips from plastic tubing. Everything else came with the kit. I wanted to add a visor, but I don't have one that fits right, I'll add one later if I find one.
  9. avidinha

    69 Impala

    I actually moved to Utah recently, I guess I should update my profile. I used to live about 10 minutes from where they held the HAMS show and I went every year.
  10. avidinha

    69 Impala

    I got this kit from a friend. It had previously been built. The body had been stripped and the chassis was still (poorly) assembled. The hood had been broken and expertly repaired. One of the A pillars had been broken, repaired, and broken again. The front bumper is a Modelhaus repop. It was missing the front and rear valence, engine, steering wheel and core support. The chassis was in such bad shape that I decided I'd lower it to hide it and because the engine was missing anyway, I glued the hood shut. I used a spare steering wheel and core support from a '70 Impala. The rear valence is
  11. I started this kit about 5 years ago and recently decided I needed to finish it. It's box stock with some transparent red and blue details. I had a little trouble fitting the body over the chassis, but other than that, it went together well. This one completes my collection of big screen Batmobiles (until someone makes a kit of the Pattinson Batmobile).
  12. Nice job! I built one a few years back with a lot of similar modifications. I'm looming forward to seeing yours done.
  13. Gotcha, my wheel/tire setup is more like the white ones with the low pros from the Monte Carlo SS kit. I'm excited to watch the progress on yours.
  14. Nice work, that looks awesome so far! I'm working on something similar. I widened the stepside fenders to make dually fenders, but I also made them taller so I could lay rocker on semi wheels.
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