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  1. I'm hoping to get back on this project this weekend, I guess I'll see what the honey-do list looks like when wifey gets up.... I messed around with a bunch of little things, brakes, pulleys, magneto, roll cage, interior bucket, steering and bits and pieces....I made up mounts for the attach/pivot point for frame to body. I have to get the ride height established and attach the mounts (bottom edge of pic, way too long until cut to length) to the back of the frame.... i didn't like the way the frame sat so deep into the body, it needs to sit up higher in the back end...gotta make rea
  2. Ya shoulda put a Ford powerplant in it....👽 -RRR
  3. I'm sure most cops enjoy some Ben & Jerry's ice cream......I'm tempted to get one of these kits but it looks like too much BMF work for me (or sanding off the trim).... -RRR
  4. That will certainly get those groceries back from the store before the ice cream melts!! -RRR
  5. Go back to the pic of C1107 below, same fuel injector halves as in the Tony Nancy kit, shown here above. Also the chrome air intake scoop in the Tony Nancy kit is real close to the one in C1107. It might not have been cut from the same tooling, Revell was sharing some designs of bits and pieces across a few kits? As I stated, it's interesting..... -RRR
  6. I missed this one somehow. That's just what a street rod should look like. Outstanding paint! -RRR
  7. It's pretty interesting, the history of the parts packs. I do believe that some of those C1107 SBC parts were also put in to the Tony Nancy 22Jr. double drag car kit..... -RRR
  8. It will interesting to see what Atlantis issues. Parts Pack C1101 has the SBC with potvin blower but not the dragster headers. Pack C1107 has the right headers but not the front mounted blower..... This is C1107 (above). See at the top of the pic, the side swept headers.... This is pack C1101, potvin blower but sans dragster swept side headers....hmmmmm....these pix are from my collection of original parts packs, maybe they were changed over the years? ...and as I go to the bench while I'm typing and check out a newer C1101 (the ones in the yellow and
  9. The above pic of the Mooneyes dragster is my build. More pix here if you'd like to eyeball: https://public.fotki.com/jferren/mooneyes-dragster/ That other little '49er dragster is something I'm not real familiar with. Interesting...the roll bar is attached to the body (WTF???)...seems a pretty simple kit, will take some doing to make it look reasonable. That's what scratch building is for. Looking forward to seeing both...some day... -RRR
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