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  1. I'm not sure how I missed this post (I've been kept up with texts, tho).... Really looking fine. Are you SURE you're not going to give it a slight haircut??? J/K... Carry on. Metalflake red? If you can still find any of the disco'd Testors One Hit/Extreme Revving Red, that would be PERFECT!! -RRR
  2. Nice build of that classic kit! -RRR
  3. This looks like the body is coming along. Check out the pix here for some ideas: https://public.fotki.com/jferren/kr-kustomsrods-bell/ I'll be checking your progress! -RRR
  4. Kool subject. You could start with AMT Two Much dragster... -RRR
  5. That axle pictured above is a resin 'copy' of the axles found in the Revell '32 Ford kits (several body styles of that kit, roadster, 3 window, 5 window, sedan, Speedwagon and "Rat Roaster" roadster), they all have this axle). I'd be wary of using a resin axle that will have some weight resting on it, seems like it would warp over time (unless they have a metal insert of some sort to firm it up), my $.02..... -RRR
  6. yes, I get tons of dust in my paint jobs with my setup.... -RRR
  7. When I open a can, I throw the lid away. Is that a bad thing to do? I've always done that, they just get in the way. -RRR
  8. Here's the worlds most 'Rube Goldberg' spray booth. I work in my garage and improvised this booth consists of a carboard box, a plastic funnel (with most of the small part cut off) and small vacuum cleaner to suck up the mist. It works. For awhile and and when it gets clogged up and gunked up, I tear it apart and start with a new box (shown here). With some scraping of overspray and a cleaning of the vacuum cleaner filter and I tape it together and start again. It's marginally better than getting everything in the garage covered with a fine coat of overspray.... -RRR
  9. The Revell Model A coupe kit has (had?) two bomber seats in it. The kit is currently out of production but Revell is threatening to bring it back later this year. The assumption is that the seats will return at that time as well..... -RRR
  10. The lid has been lowered. Not one of my cleanest chops ever, but it will be fine with some massaging. The stock body shown for comparison.... -RRR
  11. I don't believe I have ever built one either.... -RRR
  12. Yes, ADL told me that. I know (of) Bryce, we used to all hang out on another forum several years ago. He is a very talented builder in Melbourne AUS area. I'm not going to build a 'replica' but using it as inspiration....I hope I can do it justice. -RRR
  13. There's been a few '32 sedans thrown up here recently and well, if ya can't beat 'em, join 'em! I have to give a shoutout to our friend ADL (Dennis Lacy) who recently made a chopped '32 sedan for master resin caster Ed Fluck. I told ADL I'd really like to have one of those bodies. It turns out Ed is busy with other castings and won't have time for this one in awhile. So, now that I've been thinking of building one and not wanting to wait, I have decided to take the plunge and start my own utilizing my scale Sawzall to drop the lid.... Here's my inspiration: My plan
  14. HA! I have few scattered around here. That hemi with the over-the-top double blower setup would look good in some kind of funky '60s show rod style 'T' wouldn't it? Other than that, gathering dust.... -RRR
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