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  1. Time and place for such technology. The Mars rovers are the best use of such technology. Airlines have autopilot. I'm guessing ships do, but don't recommend while in the Suez Canal during high winds. Drones use GPS to fly paths while filming construction sites. The recent story of the jerk in the back seat of a Tesla getting arrested, then after release gets another to continue, won't be funny when he takes out a family on vacation. IMO this technology is making some people even dumber, totally reliant on technology to simply exist (as I type on this forum I'm a hypocrite?). I don't liv
  2. 15 days from Australia, which is about a month faster than the predicted time, so think shipping is getting back to normal? All I got was photo-etch brake disks, to go with the other parts for the 917. Found on Fakebook, had to get this for some reason. I built the regular version as a convertible years ago. Ok, now I don't need any more models. 🤥
  3. 😏 New ATM at my bank, couldn't resist. Who remembers the ads for the first ATMs?
  4. Cool to see one of these kits get built! Looks nice. Did you make the back bumper? My '68 has the 307, didn't know they existed until I researched the block numbers. It purrs but leaks oil, want to switch to a 350.
  5. That's a very nice looking model! Actually a great restoration.
  6. A what?!?! That came out really nice. If you went full detail, everyone would still be waiting.
  7. Oh man, don't get me going! I would still be working on this if I corrected the wheel wells too. 😬 The radiator is wrong too, but the missing fan shroud disguised it. Molded in battery, come on man! Interior has the upscale bucket seats molded on, I made a bench seat. And a heater. And pedals. And and and...... At least there are aftermarket gauge faces, but the 4 little gauges at the bottom are missing.
  8. I agree the AMT kit sucks. I qualified my comment by stating that I did not have an MPC for reference. I was hoping Moebius would step up to the plate, with a proper chassis, not a rehash of a curbside. Would help your case to post pictures, to compare the real thing with the kit. I'm curious now, how accurate the tail end looks on the MPC kit. This picture was before I tweaked it.
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