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  1. He doesn't post much on FB either. If you are into praying for people, he could use it.
  2. Racer article I've been wanting to build his Audi Quattro Pikes Peak car, had emailed to see if he had any photos, he actually replied! Struck out tho. RIP
  3. I tried posting from Flickr, doesn't work now. I've been posting directly anyway, but sometimes an old picture not easily found is on Flickr, so tough luck now.
  4. Superb job on that! Hope I will do as well on the GTS in my stash, if I ever get around to it.
  5. That's something I haven't thought about before, good idea. Steve takes the cake with his example! Masking tape, the old-fashioned type (not the purple for house painting, I hate that) is my most used, sometimes use Scotch tape. Use a new #11 blade to cut. This Porsche 959 required 7 colors (if I recall correctly), hate brush painting so even the speakers got masked and painted.
  6. Just like the real thing, awesome work. Like the studio setting too!
  7. 🙏 Now it's official, glamor shots for fun, calling it a Ferrari club run. Decades ago I built the Daytona, first time for using photo-etch, wet-sanding the paint but didn't polish or wax, the Testors cement has melted the headlight covers, so that's why it's in back. The California was built for the diorama. The Italeri: Ferrari 275 N.A.R.T. - Thomas Crown Affair was built last year. I was waiting for an overcast day with no wind. And I haven't been working on a model for about a month, wanted to show off something. 🙄
  8. Always something, but I can't tell. Looks good. The one shot Bond.
  9. Thank you! This morning there was an overcast, and more important, no wind! Set up the California Pit Stop diorama on the hood of the pickup, and took some glamor shots. For now I'm posting this edited version, which has the GTO as just one of four Ferraris on a run. Will post color photos focusing on the GTO later.
  10. A few pictures of my cruise to Seligman. Who remembers Burma Shave signs? Dash padding looks like the tar snakes. Parked in Seligman.
  11. Went on a car club cruise on Route 66 to Seligman. On the way home there were some Cobras, sounded so good going by. The first video is so short it's funny. The other is lousy, wind drowned out the exhaust sound.
  12. Before COVID, I had determined it was worth getting what I missed out on in my life, one example was getting a Fisher resin B.A.T. which as some know, the guy lost everything in the Paradise fire. I could go political, which obviously has a negative effect, but will leave it there. So get whatever you want NOW, irregardless of factors beyond our control.
  13. I like doing what nobody else has done. ðŸĪŠ Once in a while I do Box Stock, to keep my sanity.
  14. It's feast or famine for me. At the moment, lost my mojo and haven't done anything for about a month now. But my yard is getting an overdue cleanup, which got ignored when I was putting in several hours at night, sometimes until Midnight, and half days on the weekend.
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