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  1. I got into 1/8th scale Monogram kits a while back and I now have several. I picked up this partly build/glue bomb 1965 Vette a while back and knew it was missing a bunch of parts. Most people that build this kit, do it as a full restored/new car. I decided that I do not want to go that direction. I am going to build this car as a project car. A car that maybe was a barn find or was mildly customized in the 70's-80's. It will not be all stock, the engine will not be fuel injected and the wheels will not be from this kit. The body will be in primer and some paint. I plan to remove parts that wou
  2. Thank you everyone, both the AMT/Italeri truck and the Moebius trailer built up with no issues. Both are quality kits and can be made to look great with very little skill or effort. I highly recommend both kits. I only made minor changes to suit my tastes, otherwise they are box stock kits.
  3. Sounds really cool. I look forward to seeing it. 1/8 scale gives a lot of area for custom work. Please post up when you get started.
  4. I am finnally getting some color on this car. My original idea was to go for a bit of a rat rod theme, but then I got the idea to go with a Bronze color. This lead me to combine it with black as an accent color. However once I started, I was commited to the Bronze/Black theme. So, it is a show car instead of a rat rod. I am a long way from the finish line with this, but getting closer. I ran out of paint and need to get more. So, the body is not finished, it needs a few more coats and some clear. I also found a few spots that need some attention. This at least gives and idea of the final
  5. So, I started out to build a modern version of Elenore from The Great Smokey Roadblock movie. However as I got into it, it just was not going to be a good tribute. So, I built it as this truck instead. Mostly OBB, AMT FLC (Italeri) with Moebius 53 foot trailer. The trailer is all OBB except for the decals, they came from an Italeri traier kit. The truck is also mostly OBB, with Aluminum exhaust stacks, real rubber mud flaps, dechromed fuel tanks and AMT tail lights. AMT/Italeri trucks don't need much to make look good. Truck paint is Dupli-color Dark Garnet Red Pearl (Chrysler) wi
  6. Or, use the Aluminum tape from the hardware store, cut thin strip and wrap it around. No glue required. it’s like really thick BMF. Lifetime size roll is under $10.
  7. Great, I look forward to seeing it. I have a new project I want to start, but made myself a promise not to start till other projects are done, so I finished my BRBO last night. I still need to get decent pictures, but it’s done.
  8. I think I am about done with this. I got the decals on and the last few things finished up. I have to go to Indiana this week, but when I get back I will get some good outdoor pictures and put them in the "Underglass" section
  9. A while back I finished my first Big Red Rod. It turned out good, with minor changes to the box stock build. I wanted to do a build that was more custom, scratch building parts, kit bashing, etc. This is a combination of several kits, with the base being another Big Red Rod. So far I have lowered it a scale 12 in. Z'd the rear frame, built a custom Quick Change rear end, drilled the front axle, channeled the body and working on a bed from a Monogram Big T. Steering has also been reversed to put the tie rod in front of the axle. The engine is from a 1978 Corvette with a Big T manifo
  10. I got more work done on the truck, it is starting to look like something now. I removed the chrome from the fuel tanks then painted them body color with some aluminum tape straps. I have a lot more to finish up, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am going for a look that comunicates that this is an older truck, but well taken care of and even "fixed up". So, the engine shows some signs of age.
  11. Looks like you got a handle on things, good job. This Mack is on my list to build. The other AMT Macks have the same suspension issues. As for truck kits. I build mostly trucks and I agree, AMT/MPC are challenging. Italeri are easier builds, great part fit, but have been know to cut corners on accuacy. If like me, you don't know what it is supposed to look like, you just build happy, but if you are a stickler for accuracy, Italeri has some issues. The other issue with truck kits is, there are only so many truck kits. Not all trucks have been kitted, most are 1980 or older in AMT/MP
  12. I got some work done on the 55 Chevy. I removed all the trim on the back of the car, however Blasphemi has a fiberglass hood and the trm is molded in, so it will stay. I still have work to do on the front, so it is not painted yet. The hole in the hood is the wrong shape. I cut out the grill and replaced the stock grill center with some screen I removed from a coffee pot filter several years ago. I then painted it gold along wth the roof to match the current version. I need to fix the black paint. I got in a hurry and taped over it to do the top too quickly, I now have marks in the
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