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  1. I love it - but Rancero - you're slower than me !!
  2. that's too cool - assuming that the brass was annealed [or just left out in the Florida sun for a few minutes] and then shaped with the help of the vice ?? are you using a "plating machine" ?? Ive got an "old" one - works good - there is a jewelers supply store in downtown Miami that Ive used to source plating solution and equipment ...
  3. The bulkhead at the back of the monocoque carries the suspension and cites the transaxle - the AMT kit part - In the second photo - is the guide …. Made from 2 sheets of .030 Evergreen sheet and some more bits for the extensions for the suspension links …
  4. Pegs in the front corners - .025 plastic rod - hope I can make this removable so I can show off the monocoque detail once it’s done …. The tank has a filler cap - but that won’t be made till the removable body work is done ….
  5. Using Renshape - it’s asymmetric because the radiator return pipe runs down the left side of the chassis on its way back to the radiator …. There is a channel on the bottom foR the steering wheel shaft …
  6. The AMT 29 kit has a scuttle tank part. Sort of …. More like an afterthought - maybe they neveR got a look at the tank - that’s not even close …
  7. Thank you for showing…. Will gladly pay a visit - but I’ll need your assurance that those shrunken heads on the workbench aren’t what’s left of your past shop visitors …. Don’t you wish that we had basements ? When we took Florida from the Spaniards they probably shrugged and said Here - take it ! - you can’t do basements ….
  8. This picture is a screen grab from the Indy Museum Gurney 29 resto - the car is green because the Gurney 29 was repainted at some point following its retirement - this was corrected by the Museum during last year’s resto …
  9. This is what it’s supposed to look like. Next is either the top gas tank and/or the steering link …
  10. Another coat of primer and making and attaching the pedal brackets and fluid reservoirs for the brake pedal. Had to move some of these features so that all three pedals are located within the narrow foot box opening - and the steering shaft runs a little crooked to sneak by the brake pedal - several Lotus open wheelers did this …
  11. Nope. Share away. I’ve noticed less comments in general in past two months or So - But we’re still lurking …. And gawking ….
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