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  1. Beautifully done. Thanks for sharing the finished Kurtis.
  2. I did finish off the Jouef GTO64 in the Le Mans markings. The major change I made was to paint the side window frames in flat black and am much more satisfied with the look. Great looking collection of red hot Italians there Helmut.
  3. Super builds and subject choices. The "privateers" add a lot of variety to your collection. I have been thinking about a Piper Ferrari in green and you may have pushed me over the edge in my decision making.
  4. There are some beautiful looking slot cars in that video. Thank you for sharing the link.
  5. Agree with the above comments. The scratch built work of Dale King was a real inspiration for me.
  6. 2 New Ferraris - Diecast Corner - Model Cars Magazine Forum Here is my January post on the Stradale but had not seen the Bronco yet.
  7. Very well done. It is amazing to think back and realize how little reference material was available to the modeler before the internet, magazines and often black and white only. Thank you for sharing this little jewel.
  8. Like Ace and Snake I remember similar ones racing in the '50s and '60s including a Birdcage Maserati with a 427 Ford installed. Looking forward to see where you go with yours.
  9. Good looking progress. If you or any other builders need reference photos send me a PM. I really like the box art on this kit.
  10. This was my build back in the day using the original AMT kit and Fred Cady decals. I am not sure which wire wheels I used back then but I keep thinking '34 Ford.
  11. Interesting kit parts. Thanks for letting us know about it.
  12. Now you have gone and done it again haven't you Rich. Built an outstanding model plus shared the background and your techniques.
  13. Very well done indeed. You captured the look spot on. Thanks for sharing the history and model.
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