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  1. Very well done. I like it a lot. Thank you for sharing it with us.
  2. Thanks to all for your comments. One thing I did find with the Indycals decals is the instructions say to use Solvaset but I found it was too strong and switched to Microscale Micro Sol setting solution and it worked a lot better.
  3. WIX 1966 Ford GT40MKII XGT-1 Transformation This is a makeover of the diecast WIX GT40 into the 1966 XGT-1 #8 as raced at Le Mans in 1966 by Whitmore and Gardner. XGT-1 was ordered, with Ford sponsorship, from Abbey Panels for Alan Mann as a lightweight chassis and shipped to Shelby American for completion as a 427 MKII, then shipped back to Mann for race preparation for the Ford effort at Le Mans in 1966. XGT-1 was entered and supported in the race by Holman-Moody. The WIX 1/24 diecast model was sponsored by WIX to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Ford win at Le Ma
  4. You have really brought this Ferrari back to life Rich. Very well done.
  5. The French Facel Vega was a limited production French touring car which used Chrysler or DeSoto Hemi engines. This model of a 1955 Facel Vega is from the Hachette Collection in 1/24 scale and appears to be very well done but has no opening doors or really unfortunately no hood.
  6. You have a good eye. Yes the Crown Premiums is next to the black one. The one draw back to it is the fender emblem says 396 Turbo Fire and it is of course a 327 Fuel Injection engine. It is pretty well detailed though. I think the shape on the non-red ones are all pretty good and you would have to have them side by side to see any differences. The one thing I always check is whether or not the peak of the front fender extends onto the door as it should. The aluminum wheels have a bit of a difference but nothing terrible.
  7. Good questions Miles. It does depend on what features and price you are willing to pay for. Do you want: Opening doors Opening Hood with engine Hubcaps or Aluminum Wheels Color choice Color Doors Engine Wheels Headlights Team Caliber Corvette C2 Split Window Coupe 1963 Red Yes Yes AL Yes Welly
  8. Snake I do have the Welly red Alfa spider too. I got mine at Rite Aid before they disappeared in our area.
  9. I have been looking for this Leo Models 1/24 Alfa Giulietta Spider for what seems like a long time and finally got one from Italy today. For size comparison I show it with its big brother the Leo Models 2600 Spider.
  10. This BMW 507 just arrived today and I am pretty pleased with it. It is by Welly and is 1/24th scale with posable steering and opening hood. Here is the Welly beside the Maisto version which is labeled as a 1955. There are detail difference in the bodies which to me means they are not from the same mold.
  11. Very impressive MKIII especially for a 1/43rd.
  12. I had not considered adding this kit to my GT40 collection until I saw this write up. You may have just pushed me over the edge. 😉 Thank you for sharing your efforts with us.
  13. Beautiful build. All the textures are perfect. Thanks for sharing the photos with us.
  14. I am really impressed with what you have done. Thank you for sharing.
  15. Now that is super nice Rich. A really clean build with attention to the details. Glad you are feeling better.
  16. Hey it is a racing Porsche! I really like it with opening doors, posable front wheels, and a roll cage from BBurago and less than $20 plus shipping.
  17. Looking real good. My "71 was white with wires.
  18. Congratulations on a great find. Their 1/32 scale had some super kits too. Thank you for sharing it with us.
  19. Way to go Ray! I just noticed that the Fujimi Cobra kit shows CSX 4000 on the windshield in the artwork. That means to me that the kit is based upon a continuation chassis. Did not expect that.
  20. Very well done with superior attention to detail. Thank you for sharing it with us.
  21. impressive builds and and garage. I think you just inspired me to finish a garage I started.
  22. I don't normally collect motorcycles but I came across this 1/24 Maisto and decided to go for it. After all 1962 was a good year for me. 1962 FLH DUO GLIDE HARLEY DAVIDSON MOTOR CYCLES BIKE
  23. I removed the masking and I am not pleased with the way it came out. I believe I am going to strip it down and start the paint process over again except I think it is now time to get out the old Badger airbrush and try again. It will also give me a chance to work on those pesky panel lines again. This is not intended to be a contest model but if I can see the problems so will others.
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