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  1. Hi afx. I have the Revell 914/6 1/25 kit. Any opinion on what tires might fit these Fuchs wheels? And if anybody wants the Fuchs wheels in my Revell Porsche 914/6 kit, let me know. If I can't find the correct (kit) tires, then I might as well 'let these wheels go'. Or better yet, trade the whole kit without the tires. Any offers/trades?
  2. Thank you, Richard. I bought a Lindberg Bugatti Victoria, '31, for $23.36 all in. A good price for me I think. I have a 'Rolls Royce Merlin' engine from Alan Raab. At one time he produced both the RR Merlin and the Packard Merlin, both looked substantially different from one another. Yes, I'm going to try to put it in the Bugatti. I may have to create a few 'bulges' in hood!
  3. Thanks for the input, everybody. I will probably find a wheel/tire set in the aftermarket. Does anyone think the (Fujimi) Yokohama Advan tires will the kit-Fuchs wheels? Probably a dumb question. Thanks.
  4. If I can't the tires I need maybe I'll have to go to the 'after market' for a set of wheels and tires. This kit has the Fuchs wheels. 'Little Help'? Any suggestions? Thanks
  5. Hi. I am looking to acquire a kit of one of the Bugatti Royale kits out there. I guess Italeri has just reissued one. And if memory serves, Lindberg had one also. Any comments? Thanks
  6. I priced 'The Treatment' model car wax, and it is quite high. Are there alternatives that modelers use to 'The Treatment'? Thanks
  7. I am shortening a late-model Corvette chassis to put under a 1/24 '53 Corvette. Well I botched the process of altering the length of a C2 chassis, so now I need another one! Thank you.
  8. I'm just about finished with this model, but then I realized the kit came with no 'glass'! (At least my kit didn't). PM me please. Maybe I'll have to go on ebay. Thanks
  9. Thanks 'Force'. I picked up these 2 carbs at 'Model Builder's Warehouse'.
  10. I don't know what brand-name carbs came on this Ford engine. My resin 427 SOHC 'Cammer' engine is 1/25 scale. I think the carbs should be about 9mm or less in the greatest dimension. Thank you.
  11. I can't seem to get any response from them. Maybe they are v., v. busy, as they sure seem to have alot of good 'stuff'!
  12. Thanks E.A. I printed out about a dozen of the diagrams.
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