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  1. Very nicely built! These Ebbro McLaren kits are very well done and pretty underrated, IMO.
  2. My Revell US decal sheet is not out of register like the images above; the decals are perfectly aligned with their respective white backgrounds. However, the white lettering on the all white decals is actually pretty bad. It's like they're horribly out of focus and lack any sort of clarity. I tried applying some of those decals to the engine and chassis parts but gave up because they looked so bad. So, add that to the list of Revell US decals that are out of register, missing, or inaccurate. I'm patiently waiting for a small envelope from Revell Germany...
  3. It looks like Ebbro is working on a plastic kit of this years Toro Rosso STR14 Honda. Here's an early prototype on display at the show, courtesy of Scaleautofactory.com. They did a great job with their McLaren kits so I'll be looking forward to, and crossing my fingers for this one.
  4. Wow, this thread just got a little awkward. Anyway, Revell Germany replied back to me requesting my address and will be sending a sheet from their Ford GT release.
  5. Thanks, I saw that too but the item number is a Revell US number - Part No: 85-4418. The Revell Germany number is 07041. It looks like they just used the Revell Germany box image.
  6. Thanks I'll check that out. Yes I saw the pics and it looked pretty bad! The Revell Germany kit is a bit more expensive so I'll wait and see what Revell Germany says about purchasing their decal sheet. Yes, the full sheet is what I'm most interested in not to mention a better quality print.
  7. I just received my kit and the printing looks perfect, but the missing decals are admittedly bothering me, especially the decals that go on the outside of the head lights. I reached out to Revell Germany to see if they'll sell me a sheet from their version of the kit.
  8. Sounds about right. I messaged Upscale Hobbies on Instagram and he said the first week or so of May.
  9. Bummed that I missed this. Looks like there were some pretty nice entries. I'll have to attend the next one.
  10. Glad you liked it! I relocated to western PA in 2017 and only found out about them last year, and I'm glad I did.
  11. Thanks! I just cut thin strips of bare metal foil and laid them over the molded hose clamps, which were painted flat red.
  12. Yes, the pit lane speed limit is 80 KMH, or 50 MPH. https://www.formula1.com/en/championship/inside-f1/rules-regs/Pit-lane_procedures.html
  13. I've seen the first 3 episodes and it's very well done. My only complaint is they inserted a lot of fake engine/crash/curb sounds that are significantly louder than the commentary. Almost every other post on the Reddit Formula1 page is from new fans who watched the documentary and want to learn more about F1, so I'm pretty sure Liberty Media is happy with their ROI so far.
  14. Yep, Hobby Express is a pretty good shop. They have a huge selection of supplies and a good kit selection, though they're priced pretty high. There's also Auto Models LLC in Greensburg right off I-76. He has a massive collection of car models with decent prices. The actual building itself is very barebones but the stock is amazing. It's where I bought my recently finished Ebbro McLaren kit. https://www.facebook.com/jeffhewlett59/
  15. Thanks a lot! The dashboard wires were actually molded in plastic and detail painted by hand. I used actual wire for the spark plugs though it's hard to see in the pics. Here are some cropped/brightened pics:
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