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  1. Hi Ken, I would definitely be interested in the hood/wheels and Monte Carlo kit, I will send some pictures of some show rod stuff I have unless you want something more specific, let me know! I will try and send pics tonight! Thanks!
  2. Hi Kevin, Thanks for the tip on the Camaro bumpers, I actually have the grille/headlight piece and I think I need the split bumper parts, they are really nice looking castings! I keep a close eye on the auctions especially the vintage parts guys! I would definitely be interested in the Mercury tail lights, let me know what you need for them, I have a lot of parts and some vintage stuff also! Thanks for your help!
  3. Hi all, I am looking for some parts and a couple kits.some may be a long shot but you never know! I’m looking for: 64/65 Valiant front and rear bumpers, 65 Cuda hood and tail lights, a 67 or 68 Chrysler 300 junk body with a good roof, window posts can be broke or missing. 70 Cyclone rear bumper and tail lights, 70/71 MPC Camaro bumpers/grilles/tail lights that would work on the Bruce Larson funny car kit. Jo-Han 73/75 Cutlass promo glass. 69 AMT Torino a whole kit would work and could be missing parts, don’t need engine or body, a Revell 77 Monte Carlo rear bumper/ tail lights, interior a
  4. Sam I might have a couple rear bumpers but the chrome might not be great, any interest? I’ll check when I get home.
  5. Finished a trade with mk11, would trade with anytime!
  6. Thank you for all the comments! I have a few more builds to redo from childhood. A couple are pretty expensive hard to find kits so they may be on hold longer than I would like. I really wish I had kept my childhood models but I’m sure most everyone knows how that goes!
  7. Looks good! I really like the rear wheel wells cut out!!
  8. Hi all, this is the old Revell 54 Chevy. This build is not meant to replicate any drag class or be accurate to anything in particular! When I was 9 or 10 I got one of these and even though it was/is not a great kit it was one of the first kits that I used some paint on, mainly flat black for the interior and the frame, I left the body the Orange it was molded in and when finished I really liked it and it was a favorite of my youth! So about a year ago I was buying some kits from a friend and digging in his basement when I came across this mostly unbuilt/ unpainted kit and easily talked him out
  9. Hi all, this is one I finished up at the end of last year, it’s the Revell Baja Bronco. I thought it came out ok! This is a really nice kit that went together with out to much hassle. This has Fireball modelworks rear fender flares as my kit had the stock body with no flares for the rear. I guess this happened that some kits had the wrong body? Anyway a fun kit, I have the stock version also to build our family’s 73 Bronco that was a Lime green Ranger that my grandfather bought new, then my dad had it then it went to my brother! It was a great truck and I am looking forward to doing it!
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