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  1. not too big into bowties but I do love a nice tri-five
  2. Updated my thread first kit in years in on the workbench. Wheels are detailed with paint in the holes and new slicks from tedsmodelmarkerplace.com. interior is cute to fit along with the windshield being notched for the motor. Motor is done with just a fuel line. Working on the rest of the engine bay.
  3. Quick update. Motor is done with just a fuel line. Windshield is notched for the motor. Wheels have been detailed with the holes painted and new slicks from teds model marketplace.com. was going to paint flames but that went up in flames.....lol. The interior has been cut to fit. Other than that its been slow. Building this in CBP radwood.
  4. Very nice. I like the steelies. Kind of gives it an understood look. As with you I'm not a huge fan of red but it looks good and right on this cuda
  5. I love the pt because of the retro styling of it. I actually own a 2007. I love the little car and my model is a physical representation of how I want to eventually build my 1:1. This was the easiest way for my wife to see my plans........ She approves. Lol.
  6. Its 80s/90s themed. I asked jordan prior to posting mine. Since I'm doing mine 80s/90s pro street style it was allowed
  7. Thats a great looking mopar
  8. Thats the place. Great products and pricing. These are the slicks I just received.
  9. I ordered the m&h racemaster slicks from teds. Great item and fast shipping. Actually arrived earlier than projected. I will order from him again. Please keep in mind I've been out of the hobby for a long time and these are the first aftermarket items I've used since my return but definitely worth the price.
  10. If I can use my pro street pt project I'm working on I'm in
  11. Here's one mocked up with the motor
  12. Just started my first kit. I've been out of the hobby for quite awhile but thanks to help from my beautiful girlfriend she helped me aquire these kits and started my first build in over 8 years
  13. It was nice to see those pics as it brought back the memory of mom's. She had a silver or grey one
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