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  1. Great looking 'Stang! Beautiful black paint job!
  2. Great build! Nice looking paint job!
  3. That turned out real nice, Mike! The paint and clear combination looks excellent! Nicely done all around!!
  4. Thanks all! I can attest that it looks better in the pics than in person, lol.
  5. That is something about that color! Mine is as orange as can be, lol. Awesome Thunderbolt as well!!
  6. Very well done! Looks great in every way! I'm a little surprised the TS-12 on yours actually looks more red than orange, in fact it looks almost spot-on for Calypso Coral, at least in your pics. I used that same color on a '69 Camaro and it is very much orange on mine.
  7. That looks real good! Well done!
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