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  1. Very imaginative! Brings back memories as I remember that cartoon
  2. Not sure if this is a new tool or not but it’s interesting. https://www.italeri.com/en/product/2957
  3. So my father in law was a combat medic with the First Cav in Vietnam, as a tribute to him I’m building him this. I made the first Cav patch. Skin tones are next.....more to come
  4. Fantom

    green t bucket

    Outstanding!! I think this is the best T bucket I’ve ever seen!!
  5. Just about my favorite kit as a kid... I built and destroyed many. I was lucky to get an unbuilt kit a few years ago and built it the way it should be....Great job on this one!!!
  6. Very nice...I love those Eldon kits
  7. First of all, I have no ties to this company, this was an absolute random purchase from eBay. I am usually pretty nervous about buying resin from unknown casters on EBay, but I took a chance on this Model A body. The listing stated that made a few improvements on the original Revell body , The roof opening was extended further forward like full size car body. The roof panels was then extended and a new lip was made to hold it in place. New roof seams where added to the rear of the roof as seen in reference photos. The tail pan area was filled in where the kit body had custom tail lig
  8. What kit has the best Chevy 409? Specifically with some performance parts , headers..chrome parts etc... thanks
  9. For larger decals my process is as follows: soak the decal for only a few minutes..remove from water and let sit for a few more... with a flat SOFT brush, wet the area the decal will lay with plain water...by now the decal should be ready to slide into place, after applying the decal use the same brush to move it into place starting in the center, smooth the excess water out , this will also help settle the decal, once you have it exactly where you want it , allow it to dry for 10 to 15 minutes,more if necessary, you need to have the decal dry enough to begin to stick to the model ... at this
  10. Recently won this on E-bay. I’ve looked for a complete car for a long time that was not crazy expensive.This one is complete except for the foot pedal and open chute,and a couple small parts, enough to build a complete car . If your not familiar, it’s a 1:12 scale Mean Maverick funny car from Monogram, circa early 70s. The electric motor was supposed to raise and lower the body. It’s actually in really nice shape, no major glue mistakes. My plan is rebuild, add some detail, and a nice paint job. I’m hoping Whoopie Kat decals opens back up so I can get a set of replacement decals.
  11. Does anyone know the status of whoopie kat decal? I’d like to place an order but sure says they are temporarily shut down.
  12. Thanks...that’s what I wanted hear...I’m interested in the flake for a large scale project
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