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  1. Jim Steinman, auteur behind bombastic hits from Meat Loaf and Celine Dion, dies at 73. link.https://www.yahoo.com/news/jim-steinman-bombastic-hitmaker-meat-193457963.html
  2. I believe the one at $245 is a member here. He is a good seller and I am looking to get some of his kits. You can see more of his kits have a really good price.
  3. Hi all, this caddy sits about 3 houses from us. The lady lives in NY and comes down once a year. The car belongs to her husband, who she divorced years ago. I don't know the year,but,it has an inspection sticker on it. 06/93. Yes it has sat there for 28 years. I have asked her about it and she is to attached to it, or just wants to make a killing. She said it was worth 20K, maybe fully restored??
  4. Hi all, I love this topic !! here is our queen,Jazzy. We got her about 2 years ago. We have a website called Nextdoor in our area. People can send messages,stories and items for sale or free. Someone about 1/2 mile from us posted that she had to find a new home for her. She was moving in with boyfriend and he is allergic to cats. We went over to see if she liked us. we hit it off right away and picked her up the next day. Saving her from the shelter. she is about 8 years old now,uses litterbox 100% of the time. She is inside only and sleeps with me at my chest. Once in a w
  5. David Prowse,Darth Vader,passes away. R.I.P. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/darth-vader-actor-david-prowse-dies-161901321.html
  6. Sorry for the post. I see the list is in another thread. Mods,please delete.
  7. Hi all, don't know how to post list but here is link. Great kits including 1/16 scale and lots of car kits. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CRqSqF_mHGS3uH42XKNk0Q5Nb64g-ebkuMZ16M6WoNo/edit#gid=0
  8. Sorry Mr. Snake, Mods,please move to proper thread.
  9. Hi Les, no HOA and neighbor mom passed some years ago. We are in county, so, we are on our own.
  10. Hi all, I just have to vent to someone. My wife and I are so upset with our neighbor next door. A little backstory ,his mother lived in the house for about 10 years before cancer hit her. My wife and her were good friends. when she got sick ,one of her sons moved from Long Island. She was very sick. when he got here,he moved her to a smaller bedroom and moved into her bedroom and bath. i overheard him say that he wished she would hurry up and die. He is very OCD with a perfect yard. He mows about 2 times a week and for the past month and a half he blows leaves.He has a backpac
  11. Hi, can someone post a pic or link to new flyer? the one starting Oct.29? Thanks,George
  12. Hi all, I received a Johan Mustang funny car kit. I am looking for decals for it. I contacted Chuck and he has a Brutis. Anyone know of any others/ Thanks in advance, George Bluhm
  13. That is the one!! You guys are the best !! Thank you very much.
  14. I am trying to remember the name and info about a futuristic 3 wheel car. I think it was yellow. It was modeled a long time ago. Any ideas??
  15. Hi all, I am more than irked. I bought the new Grump's Vega on ebay,using the $25 coupon. So far so good. I have been tracking it. It said Sat morn."out for delivery.. I checked back about 6pm and it said delivery attempted-no access to delivery location. WHAT !! I live in a single family home on an asphalt road with driveway and sidewalk leading to front porch. I just think he wanted to start holiday . Our regular mail person took a leave of absence due to wife being pregnant. Ever since then service has been terrible. I spoke to postmaster before and it continues. ??
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