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  1. Thanks! Yep, amazingly, if you look at the original kit engine I originally did early in the post you'll see the Charger alternator. Mounted the kit one but admittedly cut corners on a proper bracket. Thanks for the tip about the orange wires, was going in another direction due to my lack of automotive knowledge. Thanks also for the distributor tip! I did use a good aftermarket dist for the General....
  2. A much larger problem arose; actually two related problems. 1) The suspension and exhaust system is all molded as one piece, looking toylike 2) The rear suspension needs to be boosted to accomodate larger rear tires. This will necessitate the total rebuilding of the aft ends of the leaf springs. First, separating the exhausts: Then, adding to the chassis frame to accomodate the extended rear suspension. The rear ends of the leaf springs were cut off, and the springs scratchbuilt to a longer length. Also found the new
  3. Thanks! The new engine arrived Friday; smaller-block engine from AMT's 71 Duster, will be heavily detailed and wired. Still needed modifications to the front area with making an attached alternator and other mounts for the pulleys. Also drilled out holes for the spark plugs and wires (very time consuming on a tiny distributor). Also modified the engine mounts so it could accomodate the smaller engine block. Not a perfect fit, but it's better.
  4. They started with a '73 or '4 RR for the first few episodes. In the 11th episode of the first season they swapped for a modified '71 Satellite with the same paint. The Satellite was used for the rest of that season and the majority of the second, and was used FAR more than the RR. Some prefer the RR, but to me the 71 is just nicer and sleeker. Gotta be true to oneself....
  5. Thank you! I originally thought this would be straightforward; just get the correct car, get the right paint job, and voila. Nothing has turned out to have been further from the truth. Almost everything has had to be modified or even rebuilt (engine, engine bay, suspension, exhaust, dashboard, steering wheel, tires, wheel hubs etc).
  6. Well, unfortunately I'm totally ditching the engine....finally the evidence was overwhelming that I needed to go with the smaller-block engine, finished in blue. So I purchased the engine parts from the AMT Duster. Starting over. In the meantime, here's what happened with the interior. Two modifications to be made: the steering wheel and the air vents. In one episode (Gold Fever S2E2) the instrument panel is visible, showing the dashboard to be the style with two air conditioning vents. Thanks to y'all in here for pointing that out to me! I discovered this after I'd started p
  7. Perfect, thanks, got one ordered! (just the engine) So, the round air cleaner option for that, then, and not the oval? I'm assuming the oval air cleaner was specifically to cover a six pack, yes?
  8. Do you mean the AMT '71 Duster kit? I see that one and another by Revell. And how noticably different do you think it will it look from what I've got now? And, if it is the AMT, I see it has 2 options for carb/air cleaners; I assume I'd go with the round air cleaner and smaller carb, yes? Instead of the oval air cleaner and six pack?
  9. Already on it. Think I can pull it off with brass rod. More worried about how to lengthen the leaf springs themselves without weakening them. Right now I'm extending the frame to support it, since the kit chassis has no frame in that area.
  10. Thanks, that helps a lot! Was able to find some pics based on what you told me here. Nice to know I wasn't seeing things...not so nice to know I'll have to extend the leaf springs....and reinforce them....
  11. Trying to make out what's happening with this 71 Plymouth and what to do on my build of it. Was test-fitting the partially completed rear suspension and exhaust, noticed that 1) the leaf springs seem greatly extended nearly to the end of the chassis, and 2) the exhausts do NOT extend as far out as seen in my plastic. I'm tempted to clip back the exhaust and leave/ignore the suspension unless there's a reasonable, not-too-crazy solution. What are y'all seeing here and what would you do?
  12. Kewl! So, this'll be kind of like when I used to actually paint the boots and laces on the pilots of an aircraft only for them to be hidden under the instrument panel. But WE all know they're there
  13. Definitely! The trouble is, the way I want it built is somewhat accurate...hoping to avoid something COMPLETELY fictional even for a Hollywood subject.
  14. Oh, I know...took an entire evening of sandpapering to clean up the axle/exhaust bit. I'm not as worried once it's cleaned up since the bottom will be coated in dust, mud and grime, which helps hide a lot of that kinda stuff. I already drilled out the exhausts, have yet to compare it to photos. Probably should've done that first though....
  15. Yep, and I'm at an additional disadvantage not usually being a car builder, specializing in aircraft all my life....what you know fluently is foreign to me. So, can I get away with the fact that the carb won't even be visible with the air cleaner?
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