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  1. Good idea in doing the survey. I will do it as well. All your points are valid complaints and it is a big problem with Ollie’s allowing these eBay sellers hoarding all of them and leaving the scraps for the rest of us. It’s time their home office and store managers to man up and stop making excuses. As the old saying goes; Money talks, BS walks. FWIW... I doubt anyone from Ollie’s will visit this forum to understand why folks are left out in buying any model kits in their stores because of the hoarding and greed by these eBay sellers. They don’t care.
  2. Yeah... and how long do you think that’ll last until it happens again later this year.
  3. Checked out mercari website since I've never heard of them. Had to laugh when I saw this ad: Godhand Nipper Broken | Mercari Yeah... I don't think so.🤣
  4. eBay already posted a few from Ollies. Car kits going anywhere from $19 - $40 each, Rigs going anywhere from $40 upward to $60 depending on the rig kit.🙁
  5. If and when they do, they're usually the old Lindberg kits.
  6. Wait... he actually spray painted it on his truck bed without any primer?!?!? Not for nothing, I've done a bit of body work but every autobody business knows all cars needs to be treated with primer first. That product is nothing but a gimmick. They're no different than any old spray paint.
  7. Or go to this site: www.mcwfinishes.com They have a nice large comprehensive color line for all years and automobile makes. I'm planning on picking up a few bottles myself.
  8. I’m tempted to go back and grab the Super Boss dragster rig. Must resist..... LOL!
  9. I remember building this kit when it first came out. Nicely done!
  10. Hey, it’s blue, long and low. A nice cruiser. Good job.
  11. Other kits they had were what larman posted. I was tempted to grab the Plymouth GTX and the '72 GTO. Must resist......🤪🤣
  12. Stopped by my local Ollie's store and got these...
  13. Papa John's pizza commercial with Shaq. Really? The cashier looked surprised that the tall guy in a wig is Shaquille O'Neal? Fake...
  14. Amateurs.... after my dad died in 2017, I was the unfortunate one to get the house cleaned out and emptied. When I started in my mom (mom died in 2013) & dad's bedroom closet, I found yarn stacked from ceiling to floor. I mean the closet was stuffed to the gills that you would be afraid to open the closet door. Don't ask how many spools of yarn there were but it BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH near filled 1/4 of the Bagster dumpster.
  15. Maybe I'll save some Murder Hornets instead. LMAO!!!
  16. Hmmm... may have to make a little side trip to Ollies soon. I want the '57 Ford.
  17. Pfffttt... they'e still offended over petty things? Bring it on.
  18. Heh... can you say mini F-150. Because that’s what looks like to me.
  19. Oh boy...watch .... here comes the revolt from Ford Mustang junkies. If that is the supposed new “Mustang”, that is wrong! Everybody from the top down, including the CEO and designers should be fired.
  20. Box turtle I'd save. Rattlesnake? No way.
  21. I knew it wasn't going to be a sedan because Ford has ceased productions of all sedans and compact/subcompact cars. Methinks maybe in size similar to the Honda Ridgeline?
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